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Yuri Hibana
 Japanese 火花 百合
 Romaji Hibana Yuri
 Alias Tenjou Tenge/Strongest Above Heaven and Upon the Earth (天上天下)
• Characteristics•
 Gender Female
 Age 14
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Blue-Grey
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Jie Long Seventh Institute
 Occupation Student
 Rank None
 Weapon Urami (Katana)
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Genestellar Yes
 Relative(s) Hibana Ryūchi (Adoptive Father)

Yuri Hibana (火花 百合, Hibana Yuri) is one of the main protagonists in Asterisk War: Restoration. She is a Strega who initially fights to become the Banryuu Tenra.


Yuri possesses long black hair that is usually tied up into a ponytail, complementing her blue-grey eyes. She has a fair complexion that she prides herself on and is noted by others to be an exceptionally beautiful individual. During school, she wears the standard Jie Long Seventh Institute uniform for females.


Yuri has a strong sense of independence and possesses an almost unrivalled confidence in her own abilities. Although her Prana count is low and her ability as a Strega is nothing noteworthy, she takes great pride in her skill and ability to outwit and outmaneuver her opponents. Though she may come off as arrogant to some, she usually means well and consistently tries her best to further her relationships with others.


Yuri hails from a family with a long lineage of martial art practitioners who founded the obscure but formerly legendary sword style known as Blinding Dragon Sword Style (龍閃剣流, Ryūsenkenryuu). During her younger years, Yuri was hidden away from the public eye and raised by one of the last members of her family, never allowed to step outside. She was homeschooled and the majority of what she learned pertained only to the family's martial arts as well as their history. Not having much human interaction at all, Yuri's social skills suffered when she was finally released from her solitude and adopted an attitude that would come off as haughty to others. Although it was befitting of the heir to the lost Ryūsenkenryuu, her attitude ultimately caused her to be ostracized from society until she entered Asterisk.


Ryūsenkenryuu (龍閃剣流): Yuri uses the Ryūsenkenryuu as her primary method of attack when wielding Urami (怨み). As the first complete master of the style since several decades, Yuri possesses incredible skill and agility when utilizing the techniques, allowing her to defeat opponents that would normally be classified as far beyond her own abilities. Because of her lack of Prana, Yuri has trained relentlessly in the sword and continues to grow as a master so that she can compensate for the discrepancies created.


The First Sword: Psychotic Claw (第一の剣: 狂爪, Dai Ichi no Ken: Kyōsō)[]

  • Kaisō (壊爪): Yuri slashes once diagonally, aiming for either the neck or shoulders; however, the way that she moves her sword makes it appear as if she is slashing in the opposite direction as well, creating the illusion of slashing in two different places simultaneously.
  • Hisō (飛爪): Yuri slashes twice horizontally while advancing into the opponent's "dead zone," an area where their weapon cannot reach.
  • Chōetsusō (超越爪): The final technique for the First Sword, Chōetsusō is the ultimate development resulting from the culmination of both of the former techniques. It is essentially an attack that is "impossible to avoid" due to executing three simultaneous slashes which cut off all escape routes of the target. This is made possible by drawing from the techniques of Hira-Seigan (平晴眼) which enables the creation of three simultaneous thrusts to break through an opponent's defense. Instead, this technique causes all three slashes to co-exist at the same time creating a momentary collapse of causality due to the paradoxical event which is directly attached to the sword's edge, making it a technique that is impossible to defend against as well since it has surpassed the domain of mere material destruction.

The Second Sword: Towering Flame (第二の剣: 楼焔, Dai Ni no Ken: Rōen)[]

  • Hatsuen (発焔): Yuri points the tip of her sword directly at the opponent in preparation for a thrust as she moves towards them at a high speed; however, just before the moment of contact, she flicks her wrist upwards and then downwards once more in a short and concise overhead strike, bypassing the enemy's block or parry.
  • Ryūen (竜焔): Yuri advances directly into the path of an enemy attack, thrusting the tip of her sword out to meet her opponent's strike. Upon the instant that the very tip of her sword makes contact with the strike, momentum and force transfer has already begun albeit at a very low level. Yuri senses this through the minute vibrations that her weapon is subjected to upon contact with the strike, allowing her to react immediately as tactile reaction speed is by far superior to reacting via visual stimuli. Just as contact begins, Yuri then purposely flings her arm backwards and behind her by utilizing the momentum and force of the opponent's attack to do so in addition to her own and then continues using that force to carrying her into a half-spin which allows her to avoid her opponent's strike while advancing and closing the distance, creating an evasive maneuver that produces absolutely no wasted movement or time. Afterwards, the sword becomes pointed at her foe in an instant, striking with an almost impossibly fast thrust due to the combination of centripetal force as well as the momentum and force drawn from both herself and her opponent's strike. This makes the thrust impossible to block and nigh-impossible to avoid as the opponent's own force and momentum in addition to Yuri's own is added to the strike.
  • Kaikaen (開花焔): Yuri utilizes her Ki (気) in order to create a zone around herself which constitutes an "absolute area under her dominion." The Ki forms something like a physical barrier which prevents those trapped within it from leaving and those locked outside of it from entering, sealing the Yuri and her opponent in a duel. Due to its properties, it can also be used as a barrier in tight situations. Essentially, she has created a "world" where she decides who enters or leaves, a statement of defiance to those that rely on their godlike abilities.
  • Koshien (枯死焔): Yuri envelops the blade of her sword with her Ki, generating Sword Ki (剣気) for a single strike. Although the strike is nothing special, due to the Sword Ki, it imparts a property which cleaves through the air itself, creating a vacuum in the path of Yuri's slash. As the vacuum closes, the pressure then causes anything within that area to be cut, essentially creating two slashes in one.

The Third Sword: Megalith (第三の剣: 礫巌, Dai San no Ken: Rekigan)[]

  • Shōgan (小巌): Yuri channels her focus into her surroundings, entering a state of mind known as Mushin (無心). This allows for Yuri to view the world as it is, completely free of her own subjectivity, freeing her from all of her experience, instincts, bias, and even training. Instead, she is forced to merely view the world as it is in its basest form: a massive lump of energy composed of smaller lumps of energy. As such, she forsakes all the motions and techniques that she had painstakingly practiced, reacting to every single external event only as the World itself wills it. Through this, she is capable of blocking, parrying, dodging, and attacking without sparing a single thought as each of her actions are formless and improvised on the spot, created by moving where she needs to be and doing what she needs to do. This technique makes Yuri able to react to any movement or attack regardless of its speed, strength, or shape. In a sense, it can be said to be the ultimate expression of "going with the flow." Although a powerful technique that could be classified as the "ultimate defense/offense", it imparts a great mental strain on her brain and thus cannot be used for an extended period of time.
  • Heigan (平巌): A powerful defense, but nothing more. Yuri focuses all of her attention to her opponent's weapon, stance, breathing, and even eye movements, analyzing the very epitome of their being. Due to this, Yuri is able to understand their style of fighting and their motivations. Although she may not be able to necessarily predict or anticipate her foe's next move, she will be able to defend against almost any and all attacks while abandoning all offense for the sake of producing an unbreakable guard. Although this technique is sparsely used as it allows the opponent to pile on a flurry of attacks on the user until either person's stamina is drained, Yuri considers it a good transition into Ryūen, the second technique of the Second Sword.
  • Seigan (静巌): Merely a meditative trance that allows Yuri to circulate her Ki throughout her body, improving her physical condition by minute amounts each time she does so. It also improves her natural healing rate while meditating.

The Fourth Sword: Assault Fang (第四の剣: 襲牙, Dai Shi no Ken: Shūga)[]

  • Gekiga (激牙): Yuri moves her blade upwards, cutting once, and then smoothly transitions into a downward slash as her blade reaches the peak of the first cut. Although this is a fairly simple technique, the true purpose of the first cut is to open up the opponent for the second cut or to transition into another technique. This is one of the opening moves for the Fourth Sword.
  • Shiga (獅牙): Yuri executes a downward cut which transitions into a straight thrust if the attack is blocked or avoided. This is done to either trap the opponent's weapon or create an opening that can be exploited by a quick thrusting attack or another technique. This is one of the opening moves for the Fourth Sword.
  • Koga (虎牙): Yuri executes a straight thrust which can become either a vertical or horizontal slash depending on the opponent's reaction. This is a rapid motion executed to feint the opponent into either parrying or dodging in order to quickly chain into an option that would strike an opening. This is one of the opening moves for the Fourth Sword.
  • Hyōga (豹牙): Yuri performs a powerful horizontal slash, utilizing the momentum generated by one of the opening moves pushing away the opponent's weapon if they attempt to block or parry.
  • Oniga (鬼牙): Yuri executes four quick thrusts utilizing the momentum generated by one of the opening moves, aiming for the opponent's shoulders and knees, seeking to disable their movement.
  • Asaga (浅牙): Yuri parries her opponent's riposte after utilizing one of the opening moves, holding her blade at an angle designed to redirect the force and momentum of her foe's attack downwards and away from her body as she steps forwards, allowing the foe's weapon to slide off of her blade while she makes an incision across her opponent's Teres minor muscle while she passes them, disabling their arm. Afterwards, she quickly pivots and stabs her blade down and makes another incision across her opponent's Achilles tendon, removing their mobility.
  • Kyōga (傾牙): Yuri utilizes the force and momentum of her opponent's blow to augment her own, parrying their riposte with her blade at an angle designed to minimize the amount of impact that would be imparted onto her, allowing the momentum to carry her into a single spin that adds centripetal force to her strike. Due to the added momentum, the attack occurs at an extremely fast pace, causing it to almost certainly land as the opponent had just issued an attack. The stronger the opponent is, the quicker and more powerful this counterattack becomes.
  • Saigo no Kiba (最後の牙): Yuri sheathes her sword and faces her opponent with the utmost attention and respect, entering a silent and serene mental state that blocks out every single external stimuli around her asides from her opponent to the point where it becomes possible to even count the strands of hair on their head or perhaps even each speck of dust which rests upon their skin and clothing. At this point, Yuri has already decided that there will be no second strike issued, for this would be the last strike, hence the name of the technique. Yuri then begins moving towards her opponent at full speed, avoiding all attacks that the opponent utilizes with only the bare minimum of movement required, reaching them in the shortest possible time with the shortest possible distance, arriving and chasing without fail to prevent evasive maneuvers. Once she arrives, she immediately strikes out with the kashira of her katana, engulfing both the hilt of the katana as well as the opponent with her Ki, causing it to reverberate through her opponent's body. This causes a similar effect to the Second Sword's Kaikaen, except only locking her opponent in place for a brief moment in order to ensure that the hit lands. Regardless of whether or not the attack was blocked, the strike causes no external damage other than the slight bruising due to the kashira thrust; however, the opponent takes massive internal damage due to the reverberating of Ki within them, guaranteeing their immediate defeat as no matter how much one trains their muscles, it is impossible to train their inner organs. Despite the sheer power of this attack, it is not without fault. Firstly, it cannot be used against multiple opponents and will prevent the user from viewing any external stimuli, making them completely at the mercy of any other foe within the vicinity if they choose to use this technique against more than one opponent. Furthermore, this technique is extremely draining in both physical and mental aspects, making it impossible to use more than once every four months.

The Fifth Sword: Twin Steps (第五の剣: 双脚, Dai Go no Ken: Sōkyaku)[]

  • Senkyaku (千脚): A footwork technique of the highest order, Yuri closes a vast distance in a single step. Although inferior to true Shukuchi (縮地), this is a technique that infinitely approaches it, earning it the name "False Shukuchi" (縮地・偽). The exact specifications of this technique rely primarily on Ki, enhancing one's lower body by circulating their Ki through their legs and allowing for an immensely forceful step. The technique may appear to be teleportation much like Shukuchi, but it is in fact merely a glorified strictly horizontal "leap" at its basest level. Although a powerful tool for approaching a foe and surprising them, one major limitation is that the user can only move in a straight line and only in a forwards direction.
  • Kūkyaku (空脚): Due to the limitations of Senkyaku, this technique was developed to counteract its disadvantages; however, because it could not reach the level of Shukuchi, it is subject to the same limitations as its predecessor technique. This technique allows Yuri to retreat from her current position almost instantaneously, giving an onlooker the impression that she is teleporting despite merely moving a vast distance in a single step. It is only capable of backwards movement in a straight line.
  • Myōkyaku (妙脚): Another technique that was developed in order to rectify the mistakes of its predecessors, it is something similar to its previous two iterations in that it approaches Shukuchi infinitely but can never reach it. This technique allows Yuri to move away from her current position almost instantaneously, giving an onlooker the impression that she is teleporting despite merely moving a vast distance in a single step. However, it is only capable of sideways movement in a straight line.
  • Dakyaku (打脚): A technique that relies on analyzing the opponent's movement, Yuri intercepts their maneuver and interrupts their advance or evasion, leaving them open for an attack. Usually, it involves something like limiting the opponent's movement options by trapping their feet or exploiting an opening during an opponent's transfer of momentum, but it can also be used offensively in ways such as body-checking an opponent as they attempt to evade.
  • Takyaku (多脚): A simple technique that uses one of the techniques of the Fifth Sword repeatedly in order to create the illusion of the user being in multiple places simultaneously. This is usually used as a diversionary tactic that sets up for an attack.
  • Shinkyaku (神脚): A technique that has managed to reach the level of Shukuchi in an extremely limited range, it has been called "New Shukuchi" (縮地・新). Essentially, it allows the user to combine the techniques of the Fifth Sword, moving in any direction that the user wishes with them and eliminating its weakness. However, this technique is extremely exhausting and cannot be used repeatedly.

The Sixth Sword: Calamity (第六の剣: 惨禍, Dai Roku no Ken: Zanka)[]

  • Sōka (双禍): After the Sixth Sword was envisioned, all practitioners of the Ryūsenkenryuu began carrying heavy scabbards made of the same material as the sword instead of the wooden scabbards that they previously carried. This is due to the Sixth Sword being a style that focuses on utilizing the scabbard to support the sword, creating a perfect mix of offense and defense. One of the opening techniques of the Sixth Sword, this is used by parrying with the sword and then issuing a strike to the sternum by thrusting the scabbard forwards with Yuri's free hand, catching the opponent off guard.
  • Arashika (嵐禍): Utilizing the sword-scabbard pair, Yuri makes a rapid flurry of attacks, aiming for the opponent's shoulders, knees, elbows, and other areas that would restrict their movements if disabled. Due to the rapid attacks, it would appear to the opponent that Yuri's arms had multiplied into six.
  • Nagika (凪禍): Yuri receives the opponent's strike with her scabbard, making a circular motion that redirects the force to her sword hand as she completely relaxes all of the muscles in her body, allowing the force to pass harmlessly through her body regardless of the strength of the attack. She then strikes the opponent with her blade, the attack augmented by her foe's own strike.
  • Hikuka (低禍): Yuri advances directly towards the opponent, dropping straight to the ground as she enters attacking range and momentarily entering their blind spot. Taking advantage of this, she whirls around with the scabbard and sword extended, sweeping and cutting the legs of her foe.
  • Fukuka (服禍): Yuri waits for the opponent to attack, meeting their strike simply by using her own scabbard to sheathe their weapon, controlling their weapon and restricting their attacking options while she strikes out with her sword.
  • Yasuka (安禍): Yuri parries the opponent's strike with her sword, jabbing into one of the opponent's pressure points near the armpit with the scabbard in order to deliver a non-lethal strike that disables the arm they currently use to wield their weapon, forcing them to drop it as all muscular control is lost.

The Seventh Sword: Suppressing Palm (第七の剣: 絶掌, Dai Shichi no Ken: Zesshō)[]

  • Kyomeishō (共鳴掌): Utilizing her sheathed sword, Yuri thrusts the scabbard directly at the opponent's attack, continuously contracting her muscles while channeling Ki through them, causing a powerful shockwave that is emitted in each interval of contraction, traveling through the weapon or defenses that the opponent may have and vibrating their own muscles as well, numbing their sense of touch as well as muscular control. If the opponent is holding a weapon, they will be forced to drop it as their muscles are driven to uncontrollable spasms.
  • Seimitsushō (精密掌): Yuri knocks the opponent's weapon away with a circular motion as they strike, utilizing the strength of their own attack against them. As she does this, she exploits the opening created and strikes them in four pressure points with the tip of her scabbard, completely disabling their ability to move.
  • Keishō (軽掌): Yuri watches her opponent with the utmost focus, dodging their strike at the last second with zero wasted movement. She then uses the kashira of her sheathed katana to strike a pressure point on the inside of her opponent's wrist, disarming them by making them lose all muscular control of their hand. Afterwards, she follows it up with a Koshi-Guruma (腰車, koshi-guruma) throw which allows her to trap her opponent on the floor by pushing the end of the scabbard against their throat once they have been thrown to the floor.
  • Shinshō (神掌): Yuri emits an aura of complete serenity and calm as she envelops an area around her with her Ki. This causes an overall state of clear-mindedness for everyone in the area of effect, imbuing them with a sense of profound enlightenment which makes them question the use of violence in the current situation, forcing them to consider peaceful alternatives to the conflict. Because this requires Yuri to constantly circulate her Ki within and without herself while maintaining a silent and serene state of mind, she cannot even so much as think of any violent actions while utilizing this technique or the effect will be broken.

The Eighth Sword: Flashing Blade (最後の剣: 閃刃, Saigo no Ken: Senjin)[]

  • Takegami (武神): An extremely simple and basic technique that was created by the founder of the Ryūsenkenryuu. It creates thousands of extremely thin Ki "threads" from the palm of the user which then wraps around the entire hilt of the user's weapon. This makes the user impossible to disarm so long as they remain conscious. Although the technique sounds complicated, it is actually quite basic and requires almost no effort to maintain, making it second nature for practitioners of the style.
  • Raijin (雷刃): A technique so fast and powerful that the speed of its execution exceeds the dynamic visual acuity of humans, causing the technique to appear as an invisible slash. Furthermore, because of the force of the strike, a vacuum is created due to the cut which will then close and cut once more much like the Second Sword's Koshien. Although impossible to see or track, a telltale sign that this technique was used is a booming sound similar to a thunderclap, earning it the namesake it possesses.
  • Muriashi (無理足): It has been stated that people's reactions are triggered half a second earlier than the brain orders to move. For example, if sword slash is being directed at a person, that person's reaction is triggered, but still unconscious. 0.5 seconds later the brain orders the person to move and the action comes. Because of this, it essentially means that during those 0.5 seconds, Yuri can move or attack her opponent as much as she likes. Although the moment is fleeting, Yuri is capable of exploiting this to appear as if she has instantly closed the distance or to execute a deadly hail of attacks on the "unconscious" opponent.
  • Ken'i (剣意): Stemming from the ability to produce Sword Ki, this technique allows Yuri to manifest an immense killing intent to those that look upon her, making them feel as if they are about to be decapitated by her blade. In certain circumstances, she is able to use this Sword Ki in order to physically cut things.
  • Hideyuki (冷墮雪): A comical technique created by the fourth Master of the style, it is really only useful for pranks. The user makes several extremely precise incisions in the target's clothing, causing them to be forcefully stripped as their clothing unravels.
  • Masaki (真生): A legendary technique known for its infallibility, it is something that approaches another realm of swordsmanship on its own. Utilizing the principles of Chōetsusō, the user performs a single offensive technique in each of the Eight Swords in the Ryūsenkenryuu simultaneously, causing all eight techniques to co-exist at the same time, defeating the enemy in a single strike that has multiplied into eight as it would be impossible to defend against all eight techniques being used, resulting in the target becoming nothing much but mere ribbons of sliced flesh and organs. However, once this technique is used, the strain to the user's body and psyche is immense, meaning that they will never again be able to use this technique in their life.
  • Kinkō (軽功): A simple technique that allows the user to "step on air." This allows Yuri to perform what would colloquially be known as a "double jump", either gaining more vertical air or horizontal distance from her jumps. It is possible to exploit this technique in order to perform one of the Fifth Sword's techniques twice in a row with a lower Ki expenditure.
  • Hoshiko (星子/刃絹/刃星): A high level technique that utilizes the second stage of Sword Ki known as Sword Silk (刃絹) and combines it with the highest form of Sword Ki known as Sword Star (刃星). As Sword Silk produces multiple strands of Sword Ki that blossom forth from the blade like a blooming flower, this technique follows the same principle; however, Sword Star produces an immense beam or pillar of Sword Ki that can cut through almost anything. This technique combines the two and causes a shower of Sword Ki to be fired off from the blade, creating a large bombardment that can affect a wide area. When this occurs, it seems as if thousands of stars are falling from the sky, rendering its name of "Hoshiko", or "Star Child." Although this technique starts off as a small spark, it blossoms into a beautiful display of both magnificent power and skill. Those who know of the Ryūsenkenryuu call this technique the most beautiful of all of them, having infinite potential so long as the user possesses the Ki required to maintain it.
  • Ketsuro (血路): An extremely simple technique that is also deadly. Stressing skill and precision, this technique is executed by making a cut anywhere on the opponent's body; however, the cut is executed with such deliberate speed and accuracy that no blood stays on the blade nor does it exit the opponent's body. Furthermore, the cut created would not even be visible due to how cleanly it was created. Despite this, upon the opponent's next movement, it will cause the cut to suddenly open and due to the abrupt change of internal and external pressure provided by both the incision being forced open to the blood attempting to escape from the sealed opening, elicit an enormous spray of blood from the now open cut. This causes rapid hemorrhaging, making the opponent dizzy and eventually fall unconscious as blood is forcefully pumped out of their system in large amounts each time they breathe or make any movements.
  • Hatsuken Tenjin (八剣一刃): Originally, each practitioner of Ryūsenkenryuu was required to carry eight swords hence the names of the forms. This was due to each of the forms requiring a different type of blade to execute properly as a sword utilized for techniques within the First Sword, Kyōsō would inevitably break if used for techniques within the Third Sword, Rekigan. However, new methods to utilize the Ryūsenkenryuu techniques with a single blade were created, allowing for Yuri to use each of the techniques without having to swap to different blades.

Dual Swords[]

  • Sōka・Sōken (双禍・双剣): Utilizing a tantō (短刀) and a katana instead of a scabbard and a katana, this is essentially Sōka.
  • Arashika・Sōken (嵐禍・双剣): Utilizing a tantō and a katana instead of a scabbard and a katana, this is essentially Arashika.
  • Akiramin (剣罠): Yuri uses her tantō and katana as a pair, trapping the opponent's weapon with an "X" shaped parry. She then makes a circular motion with her wrist, using her tantō to push and hold the opponent's weapon down and away while she makes a quick sweeping upwards cut towards their throat.


  • Messatsu (滅殺): Yuri controls the flow of power of her opponents, causing them to momentarily freeze in place as she cuts towards each of their throats, weaving a deadly dance of death.
  • Hōraku (崩落): Yuri throws her tantō at her foe before catching up to it and grabbing it just as her opponent attempts to block it, leaving them open. She then drives the tantō elsewhere into their body. If her foe did not attempt to block the tantō, she catches it and drives it into them with greater force.


  • Chitagi (血滾): Yuri utilizes one of her kama to trap the opponent's weapon and disarm them, striking with her other kama.


  • Senka (千花): Yuri rapidly thrusts her spear several times in a cone-shaped area in front of herself, the move producing a display that looks like a thousand falling flower petals.
  • Fūka (風花): Yuri leaps backwards and thrusts her spear four times as she is in the air, each successive thrust more powerful than the previous thrust.
  • Ōka (桜花): Yuri thrusts her spear forwards and then slashes twice horizontally.
  • Hōraika (崩蕾花): Yuri leaps up into the air just before an opponent's strike contacts her, utilizing the Eighth Sword's Kinkō to immediately shoot downwards with her spear aimed in front of her.
  • Rikka (六花): Yuri thrusts six times with her spear, targeting specific points on her opponent's weapon. After the sixth thrust, the opponent's weapon will vibrate violently due to having all of its integral points being struck with the exact same amount of force, eliciting a resonant response from the object. This causes the weapon to literally jump out of the opponent's hand.

Hand to Hand[]

  • Setsuna (刹梛): Yuri utilizes her bare hands to catch the blade of an opponent's weapon, controlling it with her fingers and wrist. She then uses the force of their strike to snatch it from their grasp, disarming them.
  • Himeyuri (姫百璃): Yuri takes five steps with five accompanying attacks. Each attack draws the opponent closer to imminent death. The First Step neutralizes the opponent's arms while the Second Step neutralizes their legs. The Third Step neutralizes their ability to channel their breath and then the Fourth Step neutralizes their focus and prevents them from counterattacking. The Fifth and Final Step then strikes where her opponent's heart lies, channeling her Ki directly into their body and causing their heart to burst.
  • Gekka (月華): Yuri intercepts an opponent's strike, stepping into the opponent's space while avoiding their attack, grasping their wrist and elbow and then snapping their arm.
  • Jagaku (蛇顎): Yuri steps to the side of the opponent's strike and then directs a knife hand chop at their neck while pulling them forwards with her other hand, grabbing their wrist.
  • Jikakuten (人掴天): The ultimate counter to all kicking techniques. No matter what sort of kick it is or how powerful the kick is, Yuri is capable of countering it due to a simple fact: a kick always begins below the body. This means that in terms of distance traveled, a kick will always travel a longer distance to reach its target than a fist. Although for practiced martial artists, the time gap is negligible, because Yuri is capable of utilizing Muriashi, she can exploit this gap easily as it far exceeds 0.5 seconds. On the base level though, the technique is quite simple. Yuri catches her opponent's kick just as it completes, meaning that it is no longer generating any force. She then snaps their leg at the knee, rendering the leg unusable.


  • Kenzen Ichinyo (剣禅一如): Yuri's mental state is impenetrable due to being in a constant state of Zen and harmony. Due to this, she is naturally immune to any mind-altering abilities and techniques whether they be supernatural or not. Furthermore she is able to "feel" the flow of battle as if it were something that could be touched, allowing her to be naturally skilled at warfare stratagems, though it is not much use in duels as it requires active focus and observation.
  • Satsuki (煞気): Yuri is capable of emitting an immense killing intent so great that it would cause those around her to feel as if they were facing certain death itself, freezing them in place due to terror and shock or forcing them to flee.
  • Maai (間合い): Yuri is capable of expanding her Maai to fit the situation, creating a killzone around herself where she is able to reach any opponent which steps into it. Furthermore, she is an expert at reading the Maai of her opponent, allowing her to enter and withdraw from their engagement distance freely.

Strega (魔女): Due to Yuri's Prana count being abysmal, her abilities as a Strega are ultimately stunted. This caused her primary technique, aptly named "Instant Burst", to be a last resort or a "trump card" of sorts.


  • Instant Burst (インスタントバースト): Yuri concentrates all of her Prana through her body in one single burst, forcing all of her physical and mental capabilities to be pushed to the very zenith of of all things. As this occurs, even such trivial things like her natural healing factor is boosted to the very peak of possibility, causing wounds to close rapidly or even the regeneration of dismembered limbs. This causes her to become an unstoppable force and an immovable object for a maximum of five seconds after which she will then be rendered completely unconscious for a lengthy period of time.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Yuri has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.

Bushin (武心): Due to her lack of other abilities, Yuri has trained extensively in almost all forms of martial arts to the point of having the very core of martial arts drilled into her body, allowing her to instinctively understand a martial style or weapon as soon as she experiences it firsthand with her body whether it be in a duel or via attempting to imitate the style. She is also capable of analyzing different martial arts styles and helping to adjust them to fit one's preference. Along with this she is extremely well-learned in kinesiology as well as psychology, being able to apply this knowledge during the heat of battle.

Kanzen Shinsei (完全身制): Yuri is capable of controlling every single muscle of her body at will due to her intense training, capable of forcing her muscles to operate even after reaching the point of muscle failure. She is also capable of diverting certain functions of her body in order to bolster other physical abilities. An example of this is transferring the acuity of her peripheral vision to her foveal vision, allowing her to pick up an immense amount of information within her foveal field of vision. She is also capable of controlling the speed of her metabolism as well as manually causing her heart to beat even if it has stopped.

Jikoku Chōetsu no Chitose Taikaku (時刻超越の千年体格): Due to her relentless training, Yuri's body has been conditioned to a state known as the Time Transcending Thousand-year Constitution. This state is normally obtained by uninterrupted training spanning the course of a thousand years, hence it name. For that reason, it has been considered a mythical state of being that is impossible to reach, but Yuri's refusal to yield to the limits that reality has opposed on her body has allowed her to achieve a conditioning that transcends common martial and physical discipline. Because of this, Yuri is capable of withstanding incredible amounts of force and acceleration imposed on her body by external or internal stimuli. She is also capable of reacting at immense speeds as well as catching low-caliber bullets with her bare hands without any adverse effects. Furthermore, her blood can function as something similar to a panacea regardless of blood type, making her immune to poison or toxins of all kinds.


3/5 C
5/5 A
5/5 A
3/5 C
1/5 E


  • Her name means "fire flower lily."