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Yumeko Honoka
Yaeko Honoka.jpg
Name Yumeko Honoka
Kanji 穂香・夢子
Romanisation Yumeko Honoka
Alias Subzero Goddess (キオネ, Khione?)
Personal Status
Birthdate January 4th, 1984
Age 18 (Beginning of Chaos Labyrinth)
20 (End of Chaos Labyrinth)
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 168 cm
Weight 54.7 kg
Blood Type A+
Hometown Chiba
Country of Origin Japan
Country of Living Asterisk
Partner Reina Sarashiki (Phoenix Festa)
TBA (Romantic)
Occupation Student Council Vice President (As a student)
Page One
Affiliation Asterisk
Team TBA
Family Kisara Honoka (Younger Sister)
Yaeko Honoka (Twin Sister)
Student Profile
School of Attendance Arlequint Academy
Rank #3
Classification Student Council Vice President
School Entrance Age 15
First Festa Entrance Age 18
Lux Acerbic Pulse
Orga Lux Acerbic Incendiary

Yumeko Honoka (穂香・夢子, Yumeko Honoka?) is a supporting character of The Asterisk War: Chaos Labyrinth light novel series written by Yasuda Izumi. She is the Student Council Vice President of Arlequint Academy. She is also a third-generation Genestella.


Yumeko Honoka is the first child (shared with her twin sister, Yaeko Honoka) of the Honoka Family, who maintains a close relationship to Asterisk, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, and especially to Arlequint Academy. Upon reaching high school age, she was accepted into Arlequint Academy, where she was given her Lux, the Acerbic Pulse, and gradually rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a Page One and the Student Council Vice President.


Yumeko is a complex medley of different personalities - which personality she abides by is determined by the current situation. She is overall a cold person, true to her title of "Khione the Subzero Goddess." She is known to be brutally honest. She has a tendency to be blunt and often points out faults in other people where normally it would be very hard to do so. Her personality can be seen as exceedingly haughty to some people. Despite this, she is still capable of understanding other people and being kind and compassionate in her own way. When she is working on specific tasks, she is professionally-oriented, cold, and confident. However, outside of such situations, her personality is unpredictable. She will not hesitate to speak up for herself if needed. Known to act in a rash manner, there is next to nothing one can do to stop her when she makes a decision. There is one word to best describe her - acerbic.



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