Yaeko Honoka
Yaeko Honoka
Name Yaeko Honoka
Kanji 穂香・八重子
Romanisation Yaeko Honoka
Alias Cataclysmic Goddess (咲夜, Sakuya?)
Personal Status
Birthdate January 4th, 1984
Age 18 (Beginning of Chaos Labyrinth)
20 (End of Chaos Labyrinth)
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 168 cm
Weight 54.7 kg
Blood Type A+
Hometown Chiba
Country of Origin Japan
Country of Living Asterisk
Partner TBA (Phoenix Festa)
TBA (Romantic)
Occupation Student
Affiliation Asterisk
Team TBA
Family Kisara Honoka (Younger Sister)
Yumeko Honoka (Twin Sister)
Student Profile
School of Attendance Seidoukan Academy
Rank #41
School Entrance Age 15
First Festa Entrance Age 18
Lux Aegis Storm
Orga Lux Aegis Cataclysm

Yaeko Honoka (穂香・八重子, Yaeko Honoka?) is a supporting character of The Asterisk War: Chaos Labyrinth light novel series written by Yasuda Izumi. She is a student of Seidoukan Academy. She is also a third-generation Genestella.


Yaeko Honoka is the first child (shared with her twin sister, Yumeko Honoka) of the Honoka Family, who maintains a close relationship to Asterisk, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, and especially to Arlequint Academy. She enrolled in Seidoukan Academy as a result of an ongoing rivalry between her and her sister. She possesses the Honoka Family's Orga Lux, Aegis Cataclysm, which was passed down to her by her father, but it does not yet recognize her as its user - thus she is unable to use it.




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