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Wu Jiang
Wu Jiang.jpeg
Name Wu Jiang
Kanji 呉江
Romanisation Go Kou
Alias Shindō Bakuhatsu (振動爆発, Literal Meaning: Vibration/Explosion)
Personal Status
Birthdate October 31st
Age 17
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 216.408 cm
Weight 101.605 kg
Blood Type B-
Hometown Seiruko
Country of Origin Japan
Country of Living Asterisk
Partner N/A
Occupation Student; Leader of the Jiang Mafia
Affiliation Asterisk
Previous Affiliation The Makuro Yakuza
Team N/A
Family Khlione Seigetsu (Adoptive Sister)
Student Profile
School of Attendance Jie Long Seventh Institution
Rank #1
Classification Student
First Festa Entrance Age N/A
Fighting Style Akame no Me
Orga Lux Bakuhatsu
Techniques Diplodocus: Warfare Slash
Triceratops: Earthquake
Ankylosaurus: Missile Crisis
Tyrannosaurus Rex: Multi-Bombing

Wu Jiang (呉江, Go Kou?) is a supporting character in The Asterisk War: Project Dreamscape light novel series written by Yasuda Izumi. He is the adoptive brother of Khlione Seigetsu, and the adoptive cousin of Kaiser and Kakumei Makuro. Wu is a third-generation Genestella and a Dante, and also serves as the leader of the Jiang Mafia, the Execution Branch of The Makuro Yakuza.

Background[edit | edit source]

Born in Shanghai, China to Chen Xiong Fan Jiang and Fan Cho Chang on October 31st at midnight, Wu Jiang was raised in a supportive, loving household, where his parents refused to acknowledge their murderous tendencies after moving from China to Asterisk. Following the move, Wu was raised to become the rightful successor of the Exectution Branch of The Makuro Yakuza. Following their deaths, Wu is known mainly to be the one who suggested the Asterisk Generation Act, which resulted in the formation of a terrorist organization with deep ties to the Makuro Family.

Following his leadership of the Jiang Mafia, Wu proceeded to attend Jie Long Seventh Institution, where he gained access to the Orga Lux Bakuhatsu, the explosive blade that he is now interconnected with. During his time period as leader of the Jiang Mafia, he has recognized Ash Makuro numerous times as his rightful leader.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Wu is known to suffer from anti-social personality disorder, which ultimately left Wu as a hollow person with zero emotions. He is best known for his honorable attempts at closure for families, often regarding authority to the highest of standards and treating others with the most optimal of respect. But more importantly, Wu, aside from his hollow persona and honorific ways, he is known to have no mercy on traitors or targets, known to kill without thought if they are caught.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Unholy Shockwave[edit | edit source]

Unholy Shockwave is an ability that allows Wu to conjure vibration forces. These vibrations can range in size and power, depending on Wu's level of Prana. The waves can be manipulated enough to be unnoticeable, concussive, and downright destructive. Wu also has created spells than encompasses his Lux's explosive abilities and his own vibration abilities, naming them each after different breeds of dinosaur.

Diplodocus: Warfare Slash[edit | edit source]

Diplodocus: Warfare Slash is a offensive spell used by Wu to attempt to quickly end a battle. Slashing at his opponent, he first uses his own abilities to attack. Once the Lux makes contact, a concussive vibration is then launched, enough to stun the opponent. Next, Wu slashes downwards, causing a small but effective explosion, enough to give the opponent a large concussion, as well as knocking them unconscious.

Ankylosaurus: Missile Crisis[edit | edit source]

Ankylosaurus: Missile Crisis is a offensive spell used by Wu. Wu uses his Lux to cause several nearby objects by an opponent (i.e fire hydrants, benches, light posts, etc.) to explode, likely injuring or disabling the opponent in the process. Wu also drives his fist into a nearby building, sending vibrations through it and causing it to collapse on top of an opponent.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Multi-Bombing[edit | edit source]

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Multi-Bombing is a offensive spell used by Wu. First, Wu pierces an opponent or an object with his Lux, then uses his Lux's ability to cause a massive explosion. Using his own vibration abilities, Wu then causes the explosion to spread mid-air, making several smaller, yet potent, explosions. The spell is exceptionally dangerous, and has been rumored to be extreme enough to actually kill an opponent.

Triceratops: Earthquake[edit | edit source]

Triceratops: Earthquake is a defensive spell used by Wu to keep opponents away. Wu drives his palm into the ground, letting off a destructive vibration that mimics an earthquake. The pseudo-earthquake is enough to collapse a shed or a incomplete building, and throw opponents off their feet. Consistent use of this spell can cause a large use of Prana. This effect was nearly completely negated when Bakuhatsu was acquired by Wu.


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