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"Lesson One: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Property."

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Victoria li Britannia
Name Victoria li Britannia
Kanji ビクトリア・リ・ブリタニア
Romanisation Bikutoria ri Buritania
Personal Status
Birthdate August 1st, 2030
Age 12 (Volume I)
13 (Volume 2)
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 158 cm
Weight 41 kg
Blood Type A+
Hometown London
Country of Origin Holy Roman Empire
Country of Living Asterisk
Partner Kurtashkina Nadezhda Svyatoslavovna
Occupation Page One
Affiliation Asterisk
Team TBA
Family Nero el Britannia (Father)
Alexia li Britannia (Mother)
Asseylum vi Britannia (Sister)
Annabeth li Britannia (Grandmother, deceased)
Student Profile
School of Attendance Seidoukan Academy
Rank 4
Classification Page One
School Entrance Age 12
First Festa Entrance Age 13
Orga Lux TBA

Victoria li Britannia (ビクトリア・リ・ブリタニア, Bikutoria ri Buritania?) is the fraternal twin sister of Asseylum vi Britannia, the Crown Princess of the Holy Roman Empire, making Victoria the most well-respected Second Princess. She is fourth-generation Genestella as well as one of the few Genestella able to create phenomenon via Prana, known as a Strega. She is a Page One at Seidoukan Academy, ranked #4.