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Name Valda-Vaoth
Kanji ヴァルダ - ヴァオス
Romanisation Vu~aruda - Vu~aosu
Subtitle Scrambler of the Human Soul (魂混じり, Konmajiri?)
Type Orga Lux
Core Color Black
Weapon Type Necklace
Current Owner Lydiavis li Britannia
Previous Owner Julis Reinhardt
School of Ownership Golden Bough Alliance
Queenvail Girls' Academy (Currently)

Valda-Vaoth: Scrambler of the Human Soul (魂混じりヴァルダ - ヴァオス, KonmajiriVu~aruda - Vu~aosu?) is one of the seven Orga Luxes once owned by Queenvail Girls' Academy. It is currently possessing the body of Lydiavis li Britannia and formerly possessed Julis Reinhardt.


Valda-Vaoth takes the shape of a large necklace with a black Urm Manadyte at the center. The necklace itself is of a mechanical design and the Urm Manadyte at the center makes it appear to be the eye of a monster. According to the top scientists of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, Orga Lux are generally made in the shape of weapons, therefore Orga Lux like Valda-Vaoth and Tenfūjin are unheard of.


Valda-Vaoth has a serious yet somewhat lax personality. Besides this, it also seems to resent the Ten Coloured Magic Swords, ten Orga Luxes that annoys is because they have the power to cut through its own abilities as well as irritating it further because they are constantly used for that purpose.


Valda-Vaoth is capable of manipulating the minds of others, including other Orga Lux, though its range is relatively small. When it was possessing Julis, it sometimes allowed the girl to regain her own consciousness and discuss as a normal person instead of it being Valda-Vaoth interfering with her. It can knock others unconscious, manipulate memories, and cover a certain area in complete darkness. In addition, it can replicate any mental abilities as long as it knows the process and effects of said ability. The cost of Valda-Vaoth is the user's own body, which makes it the only Orga Lux that the user doesn't actually use.

Recognition Interference[]

Recognition Interference (認識干渉, Ninshiki Kanshō?) is an ability that allows Valda-Vaoth to create a field that prevents people inside of it from recognizing certain things even though they may feel like they've seen/heard the thing in question. Despite this, it doesn't prevent people from recognizing others within the field. Valda-Vaoth cannot perfectly maintain this field when the Evasion Field is activated at the same time.

Evasion Field[]

Evasion Field (忌避領域, Kihi Ryōiki?) is an ability that allows Valda-Vaoth to create a field that forces people to avoid the area it covers, clearing the said area of any unwanted people. However, it cannot perfectly maintain this field when Recognition Interference is activated at the same time.


Photokinesis (光操縦, Hikari Sōjū?) is an ability that allows Valda-Vaoth the capability of manipulating the dark light that is emitted from its Urm Manadyte core. This abiltiy allows it to convert said light into various objects such as a large battleax, a sword, and a spear.


Scrambling (かき混ぜ規則, Kakimazekisoku?) is an ability that allows Valda-Vaoth which already has the ability to replicate any mental ability to imitate the Yabuki Family's technqiue to interfere with a target's sense of direction.