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This timeline lists the known time and date of all the events that have occurred in the The Asterisk War: Project Dreamscape series in chronological order.

1962 A.D.


February 4

  • On this Sunday, American psychic and astrologer, Jeane Dixon predicted that a planetary alignment would trigger apocalyptic events that would destroy the world.[citation needed]
  • Various Indian astrologers also pronounced disaster on this day.[citation needed]
  • The catastrophe that struck the Earth on this day came to pass and it was only after twenty years was the incident named as Invertia.[citation needed]


March 16

  • Invertia ends and world collapses into chaos.[citation needed]

1965 A.D.


September 7

  • Charlemagne, born Charles Jackson, is one of the first-generation Genestella born to the Jackson Gang in London.[citation needed]

1978 A.D.


  • Through this period of four months, the thirteen-year-old Charles, using his power as a Genestella, conquered the humans and other Genestella within his home country of Britain.[citation needed]
    • Conquered London and the surrounding lands by the end of September.[citation needed]
    • Gained territory all the way to the old Hadrian's Wall by the end of October.[citation needed]
    • Brought all of Britain under his rule by the end of November.[citation needed]
    • Conquered Ireland by the end of the year.[citation needed]

1979 A.D.


January 3

  • Rechristening himself as Charlemagne, Charles establishes the first advanced government, an absolute monarchy with him and his family at the top, since Invertia.[citation needed]
  • Charlemagne also gave his home (and neighboring Ireland) the collective name of the first province in what was soon to be the Holy Roman Empire, Escax.[citation needed]

1984 A.D.


April 1

  • After five years of planning, Charlemagne launches Operation Avalon, his master plan in order to bring the entirety of Europe under his rule.[citation needed]


  • During this eight-month period, the now eighteen-year-old Charlemagne conquers the entirety of the European continent, expanding the Holy Roman Empire almost to the old borders of its ancestor the Roman Empire.[citation needed] Major battles during this campaign are listed below.
    • Battle of Paris: Occurring on May 22, Charlemagne conquers the old capital city of France, bringing the entirety of the country under his rule.[citation needed]
    • Siege of Madrid: A two-week siege in June, Charlemagne suffers his first military defeat as he fails to capture the city of Madrid.[citation needed]
    • Sack of Barcelona: Occurring on June 28-29, Charlemagne conquers the city of Barcelona as well as ordering the sacking of the city.[citation needed]
    • Battle of Lisbon: Occurring on July 4, Charlemagne subjugates Portugal before planning a second assault on Madrid to ensure the collapse of Old Spain.[citation needed]
    • Battle of the Manzanares: Occurring on July 14, Charlemagne finally conquers Madrid, effectively bringing the entirety of Western Europe under his control.[citation needed]
    • Battle of Rome: Occurring on July 29, Charlemagne conquers the city of Rome almost without bloodshed as the citizens willingly accept him as their ruler and pillar of stability in this time of chaos.[citation needed]
      • Margaret Stansfield, a Genestella and the matriarch of Rome, offers herself to be Charlemagne's bride.[citation needed]
    • Siege of Istanbul: A three-week siege occurring in August, Charlemagne forces the city of Istanbul into submission, conquering it and opening access into Turkey.[citation needed]
    • Battle of Stockholm: Occurring in September 27, Charlemagne turns his attention north and conquers the old countries of Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.[citation needed]
    • Beer Rebellion: Occurring in the last week of November, Charlemagne put down a rebellion by German soldiers in the city of Berlin, solidifying his rule in Germany.[citation needed]
    • Siege of the Exploding City: Occurring at the end of the year, the Siege of the Bulge is the longest conflict ever since the Invertia Incident to occur, having lasted for 60 days, following the double assassinations of Charlemagne and Alexander Reinhardt.[citation needed]

1985 A.D.


Febraury 27

  • Treaty of Neo-Warsaw: This treaty ends the Siege of the Exploding City with the Holy Roman Empire annexing Lieseltania but allowing the country to govern themselves.[citation needed]


May 7

  • Empress Margaret (having been empress since the death of her husband in December) gives birth to the deceased Charlemagne's child, Crown Princess Annabeth li Britannia.[citation needed]