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The Makuro Yakuza (ヤクザ, Makuro Yakuza) is a international crime organization, leading the world in organized crime. With a annual income of ¥180,000,000,000,000 ($1,602,649,800,000.00 USD; £1,216,440,000,000.00 Pounds), The Makuro Yakuza is one of the most wanted criminal groups in the world. Founded in Seiruko, Japan and currently led by Ash Makuro, the organization is split into six sections, similar to the Intergrated Enterprise Organization. The Makuro Yakuza is also made up of 89% Genestella, an extreme amount. Each different region tends to rival a certain part of the Intergrated Enterprise Organization.

History[edit | edit source]

The Makuro Yakuza was founded twelve years after the Invertia Incident by Tsuchi Makuro. Tsuchi Makuro, 22 years old at the time, founded the organization in the small, impoverished town of Seiruko, Japan. Mainly a family organization, the small yakuza spent much of their time doing petty crime, such as stealing chickens, apples, even hay. This was before Ashito Makuro was born. Ashito Makuro, better known as Ash, was born a Dante, a first-generation, at that. Following the death of Tsuchi Makuro, Ash's father, Ashito was promoted to leader of the yakuza. As more and more Genestella were born, the yakuza grew, allowing the unwanted Genestella to join and grow in numbers. As the yakuza grew, so did their influence and lethality. As the yakuza grew, Ash began splitting up the yakuza, to help regulate and remain secrecy.

Hiroshi Central Gang[edit | edit source]

The Hiroshi Central Gang, led by Kakumei Makuro, is the first and oldest branch of the Makuro Yakuza. Known as the Thieves Unit, the Hiroshi Central Gang is mainly made up of thieves and bandits, and are known for burglaries and heists. They are also known for their quick speed and accuracy. The Gang is also known to be the distributor of the Yakuza. Not to mention, the Hiroshi often battles the Ginga, the governing party of Seidoukan Academy.

Akuma Saints[edit | edit source]

The Akuma Saints, led by Khlione Seigetsu, is the calmest and the least aggressive branch of the Makaro Yakuza. Known as the Interrogation Unit, the Akuma Saints are known to be very persuasive and convincing, and if a member of the Makuro Yakuza are arrested, these are usually the spokesperson for that said member. The Saints are known to be the sword manufacturers of the Yakuza. Not to mention, the Akuma often battles EP, the governing party of Saint Galahadworth Academy.

Jiang Mafia[edit | edit source]

The Jiang Mafia, led by Wu Jiang, is the branch filled with most respect and honor in the Makuro Yakuza. Known as the Extermination Unit, the Jiang Mafia are the most efficient in clean assassinations and revenge. The Jiang Mafia are known as the messengers of the Yakuza. Not to mention, the Jiang often battles Jie Long, the governing party of Jie Long Seventh Institution.

Ezerium Force[edit | edit source]

The Ezerium Force, led by Wolf Ashura, is the branch filled with dangerous men with even more dangerous tactics. Known as the Military Unit, the Ezerium Force are most known to be deadly, aggressive, and great in hand-to-hand combat. The Ezerium also are known to be the drug and strategy manufacturers of the Yakuza. Not to mention, the Ezerium often battles Solnage, the governing party of Rewolf Black Institution.

Jiyū Capitol Mafia[edit | edit source]

The Jiyū Capitol Mafia, led by Ash Makuro, is the capitol and leading branch of Makaro Yakuza. Known as the Service Branch, the Jiyū Capitol Mafia are known as the leaders and tacticians of the Yakuza. The Jiyū are known as the armor designers of the Yakuza. Not to mention, the Jiyū often battles W&W, the governing party of Queenvail Girls' Academy.

Immersion Mob[edit | edit source]

The Immersion Mob, led by Kaiser Makuro, is the strongest and most efficient branch of the Makaro Yakuza. Known as the Techno Branch, the Mob is known for as the most intelligent men and women amongst the Yakuza. The Immersion are known as the technology and Lux designers of the Yakuza. Not to mention, the Immersion often battles Frauenlob, the governing party of Arlequint Academy.

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