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"Lesson One: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Property."

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A lone girl was sitting at a table with a large hat covering her head. She had it down, so she could mask her face. That girl was Asseylum li Britannia. She had just won the 25th Phoenix Festa and, not wanting to deal with paparazzi (It gets tiring! she thought), she managed to sneak away from the Sirius Dome. She then went to the WacDonalds' for lunch. It probably wasn't a good idea for an idol with a perfect figure (at least, according to the fans) to eat junk food. However, she thought that she deserved it.

After taking several deep breaths, Asseylum walked into the restaurant. She had a lot of practice with changing her voice. Asseylum spoke to the vendor. "Excuse me, may I have a Combo #1 please?"

The vendor smiled before tapping the buttons on the space window. "Right, a Combo #1, yes?" Asseylum nodded in confirmation, still not daring to show her face. The vendor turned around and yelled, "A Combo #1, please!" She then turned back and asked, "May I have your name, miss?"

"Sylvia." The words exited from her mouth before she had the chance to think. "Yes, you can use Sylvia for the order." The vendor nodded and jotted down the name before smiling at Asseylum who responded with a smile of her own (which was barely visible from under her hat). Asseylum turned around and made her way back outside, sitting at the table where she had sat in the first place. She then used her left index finger to poke up her hat slightly so she could have a line of sight of the outside world. She hoped that no one would be able to identify her from just her left iris.

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