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The Asterisk War: New World
Name The Asterisk War: New World
Kanji 学戦都市アスタリスク・新世界
Romanisation Gakusen Toshi Asutarisuku: Shin Sekai
Fanon Canon Data
Start Date September 1st, 2018
Staff Team
Creator User:!Senpai for the Win!
Administrators User:NejiHyuga2

The Asterisk War: New World (学戦都市アスタリスク・新世界, Gakusen Toshi Asutarisuku: Shin Sekai?) is a site-wide project taking place in the same world as the canon counterpart. The story is completely fanmade and as such, no canon characters exist.


The Invertia Incident[]

Main Article: Invertia

The Invertia Incident was a disaster for the entire Earth. For forty days and forty nights, a constant hail of meteors rained down upon the Earth, causing destruction and devastation everywhere. Only after those forty days of torture did the heavens let up. The humans, originally numbering seven billion, were reduced to only five hundred million. The world was now in chaos again, this time, from the hands of greedy humans as they attempted to vie for control over the ruins of the Earth.

The Birth of a New Human Order[]

The destruction of the world may have been a nightmare but in the long run, it proved to be a blessing. The Earth was showered with a new element, called Mana. In no time, humans that were born corrupted by this new element arose. They are a new race of humans, known as Genestella. Genestella are born with great physical abilities that overturned common sense of the previous era. They also are able to produce an aura that helps with their physical feats, called Prana.

Eventually, humanity managed to correct itself. Two political powers arose from the ashes of the Earth. One was an amalgamation of eight powerful companies, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation. The other was the revival of the Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire. The Integrated Enterprise Foundation held its sphere of influence over the entire world while the Holy Roman Empire only had power over the European subcontinent.

With the money the Integrated Enterprise Foundation has, they built an artificial island off the coast of Tokyo, Japan. They called this island Asterisk and on this island, built six schools: Seidoukan Academy, Saint Galahadworth Academy, Arlequint Academy, Jie Long Seventh Institute, Queenvail Girls' Academy, and Rewolf Black Institute. Here, Genestella would be educated.

Peaceful Times[]

One hundred years had followed the Invertia Incident. The world is now almost primarily Genestella with only two billion of the total nine-point-eight billion being normal humans. With the catastrophe that brought humanity to its knees long past in history, the world seems to be able to go in only one direction: up. However, there is no telling if humanity will be at each other's throats, bringing about the next catastrophe. Only time will tell...


This Fanon Canon mostly takes place in Asterisk in the year 2065, detailing the lives of the students that live there.


Seidoukan Academy[]

Student Council[]

Saint Galahadworth Academy[]

Student Council[]

Arlequint Academy[]

Student Council[]

Jie Long Seventh Institute[]

Student Council[]

Queenvail Girls' Academy[]

Student Council[]

Office Character Author
Student Council President Asseylum li Britannia Neji
Student Council Vice-President Kurtashkina Nadezhda Svyatoslavovna TBA

Rewolf Black Institute[]

Student Council[]