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Tenfūjin (Fan).png
Name Tenfūjin
Kanji 天風神
Romanisation Tenfūjin
Subtitle Keeper of Divine Fire (神火守り, Tenkamori?)
Type Orga Lux
Core Color Black
Weapon Type Fan
Lance (Other Form)
Current Owner Asseylum vi Britannia
Previous Owner Annabeth li Britannia
School of Ownership Queenvail Girls' Academy

Tenfūjin: Keeper of Divine Fire (神火守り天風神, TenkamoriTenfūjin?) is one of seven Orga Luxes belonging to Queenvail Girls' Academy. It is currently being used by Asseylum vi Britannia, with the outstanding compatibility rate of 97%. It was formerly used by Annabeth li Britannia whose compatibility rate stood at an 89%.


Tenfūjin more or less shares the same personality as Asseylum, a factor that contributed to her extremely high compatibility rate. She has affections for the person who wields her, her 'master' (主人, shujin?), so to speak. She also shares an extreme dislike of dishonesty, a trait she shares with Asseylum. Tenfūjin's affections for her master can be considered borderline obsessive as since she has the tendency to get angry every time someone gets near her master, however, she has learned to make exceptions for the student council members.


Tenfūjin is a one-of-a-kind Orga Lux because it remains in the same form, unlike other Orga Lux that gain its form after activating it. The Urm Manadyte that is Tenfūjin's core is a small, black orb measuring four centimeters in diameter embedded into the wood that makes it up. When opened, Tenfūjin has flame designs over the fabric which were emblazoned on when the Urm Manadyte was placed next to the fan during its creation.


The main ability of this Lux is its ability to utilize fire. As since Asseylum is a Strega with powers over fire already, using Tenfūjin boosts her already refined abilities while allowing her to manipulate larger spells for a longer period of time. Using this allows her to extend her normal five-minute limit to Flame Dragon Queen to fifteen minutes.

On top of this, Tenfūjin makes it easier for Asseylum to use her magic. With this, she need not to activate Flame Dragon Queen to utilize blue fire (although the best she can do is ignite a small fire in her hand before having to activate Flame Dragon Queen). Tenfūjin can also turn from a fan that utilizes long-range attacks into a blue Japanese-style spear, known as a naginata, in which Asseylum can use for close-quarters combat. Although only applying to her naginata form, Tenfūjin can also summon multiple copies of herself to attack from different directions. However, she employs a more convenient use of this when she essentially wields herself when in her human form.

Tenfūjin's offensive form.

Besides all of her other abilities, Tenfūjin has another card up her sleeve: the Bell of Dōjōji (道成寺鐘, Dōjō-ji Kane?). This bell is used mainly for traps. It requires a magic circle to summon which appears without warning usually immediately entrapping anyone within the vicinity of the magic circle within the confines of the bell, which cannot be broken out of through traditional means. Other Orga Luxes will be able to cut through. Tenfūjin can choose to use it as an immobilizer and a kind of psuedo-sealing technique or as a coffin as she could opt to incinerate the bell in its entirety, immolating whoever is trapped within.

Her last ability makes her unique among unique: it allows her to take a corporeal form. Tying in with the cost of wielding Tenfūjin, a slow and constant drain on one's Prana which for people with average Prana reserves would not last long, she uses this Prana she absorbs from her wielder to build a physical form based on her wielder's parameters. When used by Annabeth, Tenfūjin takes the appearance of an average-height fifteen-year-old girl with black hair, brown eyes, and a rather large bust while taking on the alias of Miyuki Yamada. When used by Asseylum, Tenfūjin takes the appearance of a girl with the exact same parameters as Asseylum but instead with piercing red eyes and pink hair. Again, Tenfūjin uses the alias of Miyuki Yamada in this form.