The Ten-Colored Magic Swords (十色魔導剣, Tōiro Madōken?) is the collective name for ten exceptionally powerful Orga Luxes in the possession of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation (one is owned by the Holy Roman Empire and one is owned by the Seven Universal Families) that take the shape of different types of swords, hence its name.



Image Name Color School of Ownership
Arc Tespia Violet Queenvail Emblem.png
Armacham Indigo Rewolf Emblem.png
Caledfwlch Yellow Galahadworth Emblem.png
Lei-Glems White Galahadworth Emblem.png
Raksha-Nada Red Seidoukan Emblem.png
Ser-Veresta Black Seidoukan Emblem.png
Takemikazuchi Orange Seven Universal Families (Hīragi Family)
Wole-Zain Blue Rewolf Emblem.png
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