Takuma Kurebayashi (紅林拓真) is one of the tritagonists of The Asterisk War: Erika's Decision. He has a crush on Sylvia Lyyneheym and one of Erika's love interests who lives in Lovely Hills. He is misunderstood and often bullied by his fellow townsfolk who believe that he's the "Devil's Child", much like Ai was thought to be in her village. It is unclear if he possesses as much spiritual powers as Ai, but he does have the ability of foresight and he has been observed by Ai for some time.
Takuma Kurebayashi

Takuma appeared in Hell Girl Two Mirrors

Takuma is a child in Hell Girl Two Mirrors and later a young teenager in The Asterisk War: Erika's Decision with black hair and greyish black eyes. He wears the traditional both Rewolf Black Institute & Seidoukan Academy uniforms for males.
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