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Name Takemikazuchi
Kanji 建御雷
Romanisation Takemikazuchi
Subtitle Sword of the Storm God (嵐神の剣, Ranjin no Tsurugi?)
Type Orga Lux
Core Color Midnight Blue
Weapon Type Katana
Current Owner Mahiru Hīragi
Previous Owner TBA
School of Ownership Queenvail Girls' Academy

Takemikazuchi: Sword of the Storm God (建御雷嵐神の剣, TakemikazuchiRanjin no Tsurugi?) is one of the seven Orga Luxes belonging to Queenvail Girls' Academy. It is currently being used by Mahiru Hīragi, with the outstanding compatibility rate of 95%. It was formerly used by TBA whose compatibility rate stood at a TBA.


In its deactivated form, Takemikazuchi takes the shape of a ring with the dark blue Urm Manadyte core serving as the precious jewel. When activated, the ring expands into a katana with its azure cutting edge measuring seventy centimeters. After forming a deeper bond with Mahiru, Takemikazuchi's blue blade changed to a deep crimson energy blade which Mahiru can solidify into an actual blade by pouring Prana into it. Takemikazuchi also has a sheath in which Mahiru uses in her battōjutsu.