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Shizuka Tōdō
Name Shizuka Tōdō
Kanji 刀藤静か
Romanisation Tōdō Shizuka
Alias Lightning Blade Speed (疾風刃雷, Shippū Jinrai?)
Personal Status
Birthdate July 27th, 1982
Age 15
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 147 cm
Weight 46 kg
Blood Type B-
Hometown Tokyo, Japan
Country of Origin Japan
Country of Living Asterisk
Partner TBA
Occupation Student Council Vice-President
Page One
Affiliation Asterisk
Team Team Cavendish
Family Seijaku Tōdō (Father)
Sayaka Tōdō (Mother)
Student Profile
School of Attendance Seidoukan Academy
Rank #1
Classification Student Council Vice-President
School Entrance Age 12
First Festa Entrance Age 15
Fighting Style Tōdōryū
Orga Lux Ser-Veresta
Techniques Conjoined Cranes

"I am but one warrior. Here, I announce my name! I am Shizuka Tōdō, eldest daughter of the Tōdō House's current heads, Seijaku Tōdō, and Sayaka Tōdō! As it is my code to announce this here, I will apologize ahead of time for taking up your time. I am the knight of the Tōdō House, proudly wielding her sword in the name of her family. I shall state this here and now! Competitors of this tournament, be ready to put it all on the line! I, Shizuka Tōdō, swear to take the brunt of your conviction and shatter it over mine! As fellow warriors, I will not hold back."
— Shizuka's declaration at the start of the First Phoenix Festa.

Shizuka Tōdō (刀藤静か, Tōdō Shizuka?) is a supporting character in The Asterisk War: Chaos Labyrinth light novel series. She is the eldest daughter and as such, the princess of the Tōdō House and a student at Seidoukan Academy, being the student council vice-president.


Shizuka was born to Seijaku and Kasumi Tōdō. From a young age, she was taught in the arts of the Tōdōryū. Despite being an only child, she was a highly gifted child even though she wasn't a Strega. She had a close relationship with Akari Yachigusa, her sworn sister. Despite Akari's Strega ability, Akari learned the Tōdōryū with ease. However, Shizuka was a cut above her in terms of raw skill. Her mastery over the Tōdōryū earned her fame throughout her clan's territory. She was made the master and the teacher of the Tōdōryū at just the age of eight.

When she turned nine years of age, her castle in Kyoto was attacked. Since the incident occurred nearest to Asterisk, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation was involved. When the representatives of the conglomerate arrived at the scene, they found two girls one with a longsword, the other wielding two blades and they were soaked head-to-toe in blood. Those two girls were indeed, the princess of the Tōdō House, Shizuka Tōdō, as well as the princess of the Yachigusa House, Akari Yachigusa.

The two girls had apparently slaughtered the insurgents themselves although they failed to kill the mastermind of the operation. However, in order to have an information source, they left one of the attackers alive and handed him over to the Foundation. The captured man blubbered that the girls were monsters, built-in killing machines.

Usually, both Shizuka and Akari would've been sent to jail for manslaughter but because of their ages and the fact that the group that attacked Shizuka's home was a known terrorist group with its base in West Africa, they were both let off for self-defense. However, they were warned that they will need to attend Asterisk because their skill would be dangerous if used against the Foundation. Not caring about this, Shizuka continued to train herself for three years.

She was admitted into Asterisk as a student in Seidoukan Academy. Her power was truly fearful. Despite being a junior high student, Shizuka hacked her way through the Named Charts into the Page One ranks, achieving the top rank in Seidoukan Academy by the end of the first trimester.

During her second trimester, she was allowed to test for compatibility with Orga Luxes. She eventually chose the Ser-Veresta. She was tested to have a 96% compatibility rate with the Lux. As if Shizuka couldn't get any more powerful, she ripped through people's expectations, combining the gracefulness of the Tōdōryū with Ser-Veresta's ability to cut through most objects. However, Shizuka, having a knightly personality, preferred to settle duels with her family heirloom, the chokutō, Senbakiri. She didn't need to rely on the Ser-Veresta when her skills as a swordswoman outshine anyone else, excluding Hinata Amagiri, a powerful practitioner of the Amagiri Shinmeiryū.

Shizuka proceeded to defend her status as the top student and the Rank #1 of Seidoukan Academy for her entire junior high school career. Over the summer of the trimester before her first year in high school, she was made a member of the student council, specifically the vice-president because of her sheer skill.





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