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Shattered Rose
Name Shattered Rose
Kanji 粉々になったバラ
Romanisation Konagona ni Natta Bara
Subtitle The Sword of the Dimensional Mirror, Hourglass (次元の鏡の剣、砂時計, Jigen no Kagami no Ken, Sunadokei)
Type Orga Lux
Core Color Electric violet
Weapon Type Sword
Current Owner Asano Takuboku
Previous Owner None
School of Ownership N/A

The Sword of the Dimensional Mirror, Hourglass (次元の鏡の剣、砂時計, Jigen no Kagami no Ken, Sunadokei), more commonly known as Shattered Rose (粉々になったバラ, Konagona ni Natta Bara) is an Orga Lux owned by Asano Takuboku. It is currently being used by Asano, with a compatibility rate of 100%. There are no former users of this sword, as it was created by Luca Calabrese for Asano to use.


Shattered Rose has an extreme personality, going as far as taking control of the user under certain situations. Shattered Rose highly dislikes being contained. However, it has an unwavering spirit in battle. Shattered Rose is very powerful, but it doesn't pick and choose who wields it. From the results of tests done by Calabrese Incorporated, it has always gone into negative compatibility ratings when paired with anyone except Asano.


Shattered Rose is a massive, heavy sword. When activated, vines stem from the grip of the sword, creating a red-colored mirror. A guard materializes, and the mirror shatters, as a red blade extends from the guard. It glows with a black and crimson aura, although when it is enforced by Yoshino's aether, it glows with a more purple color. Currently, its human form has not been revealed.


Shattered Rose has control over the element of aether, and as such, allows the user to see dimensions. The cost to wield this sword is that the user sees loved ones die in their dreams, right in front of them, as if they are actually there watching. The Shattered Rose also changes the character's eyes, making them red and cracked when they use the Shattered Rose, or when the user connects to the sword itself. In Asano’s case, it gave him cracked, hourglass-shaped scars to help him withstand aether. Yoshino is somewhat able to affect this sword, as she can supply it with higher amounts of aether. This allows Asano to unleash full-force moves with the Shattered Rose, while without the extra aether, he cannot use the full-force moves. However, it does not keep him from using the sword. The sword can also redirect aether to some extent.