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Name Ser-Veresta
Kanji セルベレスタ
Romanisation Seru Beresuta
Subtitle Demon Sword of the Black Furnace (黒炉の魔剣, Kuroro no Maken?)
Type Orga Lux
Core Color Red
Weapon Type Two-Handed Sword
Current Owner TBA
Previous Owner Shizuka Tōdō
School of Ownership Seidoukan Academy

Ser-Veresta: Demon Sword of the Black Furnace (黒炉の魔剣セルベレスタ, Kuroro no MakenSeru Beresuta?) is an Orga Lux owned by Seidoukan Academy. It is currently being used by TBA, with a compatibility rate of TBA. It was formerly used by Shizuka Tōdō, whose compatibility rate sat at an extremely high 96%.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ser-Veresta is rumored to have one of the nicer personalities in comparison to other Orga Luxes. It apparently hates when a person constantly bothers it. The reason why Shizuka had such a high compatibility rate with the Lux is that she more or less, shares the same irritants: she doesn't like to be pestered.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

When deactivated, Ser-Veresta takes the appearance of what seems to be an unsheathed dagger, with the Urm Manadyte that is its core beset in the center of where the dagger's sword blade would meet the hilt. When activated, the grip expands in the wielder's hand and the hilt changes into that of a swept hilt. The top portion grows into a pointed edge that opens up to reveal a white blade that changes color to purple when excess amounts of Prana is poured into the Lux. The length of the blade also depends on the amount of Prana used upon activation (although the size can be adjusted after it has been activated); the default size of the blade is one meter long and twelve centimeters wide.

After using the Ser-Veresta for a year, Shizuka was able to figure out another function of the Lux: the ability to make slight changes with her Prana that gives the Ser-Veresta a new form. Shizuka's ideal form of the Ser-Veresta is a chokutō with a sheath, which she uses as a second weapon. She also uses it so she can practice the Tōdōryū battōjutsu.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Integrated Enterprise Foundation's description of the Ser-Veresta's powers mentions that it has the aptitude to 'disintegrate all that it touches' and 'when it pierces, the world shall turn to purgatory'. On top of this, the Ser-Veresta's blade is made of pure heat. Thus, it has power over heat.

On the other hand, the cost to wield Ser-Veresta is its high prana consumption rate that would quickly dry up a user with a normal reserve. In addition, it has an incredibly demanding personality, resulting in an incredibly low chance of getting a high compatibility rate. Shizuka is a sole exception to this because of her shared personality with the Lux as well as her prowess as a swordswoman forced Ser-Veresta into submission.

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