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Ryūchi Hibana
 Japanese 火花 竜血
 Romaji Hibana Ryūchi
 Alias Kensei/Divine Blade


• Characteristics•
 Gender Male
 Age 53
 Hair Color Blonde
 Eye Color Blue
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Stjarnagam (星猟警備隊)
 Previous Affiliation Himself
 Occupation Stjarnagam Officer
 Previous Occupation Dojo Owner
 Rank Commander
 Weapon Hachishitō (八支刀)
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Genestellar No
 Relative(s) Hibana Yuri (Adoptive Daughter)

Ryūchi Hibana (火花 竜血, Hibana Ryūchi) is a supporting character in Asterisk War: Restoration. He is Yuri Hibana's master and adoptive father. Ryūchi is currently the head of the Ryūsenkenryuu sword school.


Ryūchi is quite tall due to his mixed genes, standing slightly above six feet. He possesses blonde hair and blue eyes which are a telltale sign of his foreign genes. Since Ryūchi is not a Genestellar, he is not capable of utilizing Prana to bolster his physical abilities, forcing him to wear heavy armor most of the time. His armor on his upper body is quite light, consisting only of pauldrons and a breastplate; however, his legs possess heavier armor, especially on his left leg where his greave bears a prominent dragon motif. His clothing takes on a red and blue motif while his armor takes on a black and gold scheme. On his waist, he wears a specialized set of sword sheaths which hang behind him, allowing him to draw one of the five swords that he carries along with him.


Ryūchi is a confident individual who carries himself with grace as well as kindness. Despite being the current strongest swordsman in existence, he is quite humble and always has an open mind that is ready to learn. He treats others fairly and always tries to see both sides of a conflict before attempting to resolve it in the most neutral way possible. Though he usually has a jovial and carefree attitude when he goes about doing things, when things become serious, he takes on a more analytical and practical view on things, determined to keep those that he loves and cares about out of harm's way.




Ryūsenkenryuu (龍閃剣流): Ryūchi's primary method of attack is utilizing his swords to attack with the powerful Ryūsenkenryuu techniques. As the current Kensei (剣聖) of the style, his attacks possess unparalleled strength and finesse, allowing him to defeat nearly any foe he comes across with ease. Combining his monstrous strength and lightning speed, he is capable of utilizing the style like no other practitioner before him.


The First Sword: Psychotic Claw (第一の剣: 狂爪, Dai Ichi no Ken: Kyōsō)[]

  • Hisō・Shin (飛爪・真): While advancing into his opponent's space, Ryūchi cleaves through his opponent's weapon on the first strike while completely bisecting them at their torso with the second.
  • Kaisō (壊爪): Ryūchi slashes once diagonally, aiming for either the neck or shoulders; however, the way that he moves her sword makes it appear as if he is slashing in the opposite direction as well, creating the illusion of slashing in two different places simultaneously.

The Second Sword: Towering Flame (第二の剣: 楼焔, Dai Ni no Ken: Rōen)[]

  • Kaikaen・Shin (開花焔・真): Ryūchi utilizes his Ki (気) to create a zone where his opponent cannot exit from while others cannot intrude upon the zone. Whilst in this zone, his opponent feels as if heavy weights are on their back, restricting their movements immensely.
  • Koshien・Shin (枯死焔・真): Ryūchi fires off waves of Sword Ki (剣気) by enveloping the blade of his sword with it and then slashing towards the enemy. This leaves a vacuum trail in the path of the wave, creating a deadly linear zone.

The Third Sword: Megalith (第三の剣: 礫巌, Dai San no Ken: Rekigan)[]

  • Seigan (静巌): Merely a meditative trance that allows Ryūchi to circulate his Ki throughout his body, improving his physical condition by minute amounts each time he does so. It also improves his natural healing rate while meditating.

The Fourth Sword: Assault Fang (第四の剣: 襲牙, Dai Shi no Ken: Shūga)[]

  • Hyōga・Shin (豹牙・真): Ryūchi performs a powerful horizontal slash, slicing the air and creating a vacuum in the sword's path whilst cleaving through the opponent's weapon if they attempt to block or parry.

The Fifth Sword: Twin Steps (第五の剣: 双脚, Dai Go no Ken: Sōkyaku)[]

  • Takyaku (多脚): Ryūchi moves impossibly fast, creating hundreds of afterimages that confuse his opponent.
  • Shinkyaku (神脚): Ryūchi appears at his target location almost instantaneously as if teleporting, moving in any direction he desires with great ease.

The Seventh Sword: Suppressing Palm (第七の剣: 絶掌, Dai Shichi no Ken: Zesshō)[]

  • Seimitsushō・Shin (精密掌・真): Ryūchi breaks his opponent's weapon by smashing through it with a knife hand chop before thrusting his fingers into four of their pressure points, completely disabling their ability to move.

The Eighth Sword: Flashing Blade (最後の剣: 閃刃, Saigo no Ken: Senjin)[]

  • Takegami (武神): Ryūchi binds his weapon to his hand with Ki "threads", rendering it impossible to disarm him.
  • Raijin・Shin (雷刃・真): Ryūchi strikes so quickly and with such power that a twin thunderclap is heard as the very ground before him is cleaved in half along with his target; however, to others it would appear as if an enormous fissure had simply opened up of its own accord due to the strike being so fast that it would be impossible to perceive. His sword then shatters as it cannot withstand such immense power.

Hand to Hand[]

  • Gekka (月華): Ryūchi intercepts an opponent's strike, stepping into the opponent's space while avoiding their attack, grasping their wrist and elbow and then snapping their arm.


  • Kenzen Ichinyo (剣禅一如): Ryūchi's mental state is impenetrable due to being in a constant state of Zen and harmony. Due to this, he is naturally immune to any mind-altering abilities and techniques whether they be supernatural or not. Furthermore he is able to "feel" the flow of battle as if it were something that could be touched, allowing him to be naturally skilled at warfare stratagems. He is able to apply this "feeling" during combat, allowing him to completely dictate how the fight goes by giving his opponent subconscious suggestions and then exploiting that.
  • Maai (間合い): Ryūchi is capable of extending his Maai to cover vast distances, creating a killzone that could potentially engulf an entire army.
  • Satsuki (煞気): Ryūchi's killing intent is so great that those affected by it feel as if they are already dead, therefore tricking their brains into believing so and ceasing all vital functions. It is absolutely domineering and even if one manages to resist the effect, the strain on their body will quickly cause heart failure.

Immense Strength: Despite not being a Genestellar himself, he is capable of fighting against Genestellar with ease, possessing monstrous strength where even a casual slash from his sword is able to cleave apart entire buildings. He is also capable of breaking swords with his bare hands with this strength.

Immense Speed: Even without the techniques of the Fifth Sword, Ryūchi is capable of extremely fast movements as well as even keeping up with a car going at full speed.

Bushin (武身): Ryūchi's body was forged for martial arts from the moment he was born, making him able to withstand even the toughest of training. He is also capable of feats normally thought impossible by humans due to the density and power of his muscle fibers. Furthermore, he is instinctively capable of learning and mastering techniques with ease, grasping the very core of the technique at first glance.