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The student council (生徒会, Seitokai?) of Queenvail Girls' Academy is the only student council in Asterisk that actually governs all of its school's activities. When Asseylum li Britannia became student council president, she exerted her influence as the Crown Princess of the Holy Roman Empire and proceeded to expel W&W from her school, considering that she believes that her standing is higher than the Integrated Enterprise Foundation and she holds enough power to completely decimate them if she so wishes to do so.


Student Council President[]

Main article: Asseylum li Britannia

Asseylum li Britannia is the current student council president of Queenvail Girls' Academy. She rose to her position after defeating Alexia Reindhart in a duel when the latter was searching for a suitable inheritor to her seat of power because of her graduation. Asseylum proved to be qualified as since she won against Alexia completely weaponless. In the hours following and in the summer, Asseylum recruited members into her regime.

Student Council Vice-President[]

Main article: Kurtashkina Nadezhda Svyatoslavovna

Kurtashkina Nadezhda Svyatoslavovona, simply known as Nadya, or her idol name, Anastasia, is the vice-president of Queenvail Girls' Academy. She is in the same grade as Asseylum, first-year, junior high division but proved to be just as talented as the president.


Main article: Mahiru Hīragi

Mahiru Hīragi is the current secretary of the Queenvail student council. She is the eldest daughter of the Hīragi Family and a master in her family's sword style, Ittō Shōden Mutō-ryū. She is a second-year in the junior high division, a year older than Asseylum.


Main article: Tatsuki Inshibe


Disciplinary Committee Head[]

Main article: Miyuki Yamada

Miyuki Yamada is the current head of Queenvail's disciplinary committee. She is, in fact, Asseylum's Orga Lux Tenfūjin. Tenfūjin has the ability to appear as a human and she took on the alias of Miyuki Yamada. Due to her personality, Asseylum decided she was too harsh to be her vice-president and instead made Miyuki her third-in-command as head of the disciplinary committee.


Main article: Minato Wakamiya

Despite being a rather incompetent student, Minato Wakamiya is the auditor of the student council. She is a master of the Genkūryū, a hand-to-hand combat style. She is an innate bookworm which was the primary reason why Asseylum gave Minato her post in the council.


Main article: Chloe Grant


Internal Public Relations Officer[]

Main article: Ophelia Petrakris

A strange choice for a public relations officer, Ophelia is a dark horse in Queenvail. She was originally supposed to go the Rewolf but on the order of Asseylum's father, her scholarship for entry into Rewolf was changed to Queenvail. She developed an inferiority complex towards Asseylum and was assigned by the latter into the public relations office because there were no other openings in her administration.

External Public Relations Officer[]

Main article: Shinoa Hīragi

Shinoa Hīragi is the current external public relations officer for Queenvail. She is the second daughter of the Hīragi Family and like her sister, she is an expert on the Ittō Shōden Mutō-ryū. She is the same age as Asseylum, being in the year as her.