Star PowerPrana (星辰力プラナ, SeishinryokuPurana?) is an innate power, present in all Genestella from birth.


Prana is a magical energy. It allows the Genestella to perform many feats that are supposed to be completely impossible for normal humans. A Genestella will be able to use Prana to, for example, lift a car without breaking a sweat. Prana can also be used to physically enhance all of one's abilities. Genestellas outpace normal humans in just about everything.

Prana is also an energy that can be used to influence objects outside of its wielder. However, this facet is largely restricted to only 3.6% of all Genestella. These so-called ability-wielders can create magic spells, such as fire out of nowhere or changing the weather with just a snap of their fingers. The number of abilities that could crop up is endless.

Prana control is another facet of this ability. It is considered a basic practice. A Genestella with proper control over their Prana will be able to have extremely sturdy defenses. Prana control is also the reason why Genestellas don't suffer fatal injuries from wielding strong weapons that would normally be out of one's league.

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