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Pure Star Shining Ceremony ArmamentOrga Lux (純星煌式武装オーガルクス, Junsei Kōshiki BusōŌga Rukusu?) is an especially powerful Lux with a core of Urm Manadyte instead of normal Manadyte.


Orga Luxes are highly prized and powerful weapons, most of which are in the hands of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation. However, through the endless kindness that the Foundation offers, they have lent a total of one hundred Orga Luxes to the schools of Asterisk: Seidoukan Academy obtaining twenty-three, Rewolf Black Institute, Saint Galahadworth Academy and Arlequint Academy each obtaining twenty, Jie Long Seventh Institute obtaining ten, and Queenvail Girls' Academy obtaining seven.

Despite being lent to the schools where star Genestella go, few students are capable of wielding them, though they are not necessary in terms of strength and school rank. In order to borrow an Orga Lux, the student must be of a high rank or have performed well at a Festa or be a special transfer student. Strangely enough, despite having unique abilites of their own, Orga Lux seem to dislike Stregas and Dantes.

All Orga Luxes are semi-sentient, having distinct abilities as well as a will of their own. They also incur a cost to their users for using them, with some being rather easy to bear or handle, and some being extremely difficult. Other than power levels, this is usually the key as to why so few Genestella, even exceptionally powerful ones, are compatible with Orga Lux or form a long-term relationship with these weapons.

Some Ogra Luxes aren't content with just being paired with a capable user. Instead, they will attempt to influence their wielder's minds. Some even go so far as to change their wielder's physical appearance to suit their likes and needs, with one of the most notable examples being Gravisheath and Bloodthorn.

List of Wielders[]

Current Wielders[]

Former Wielders[]


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