Manadyte (マンダイト, Manadaito?), romanized as Manadite, is an ore created from Mana.


Manadyte is an ore that has unique properties. The first is its ability to conform and memorize a specific elemental pattern when pressure is applied. Manadyte is used for the cores of Luxes, which are weapons that emit a type of laser that can cut through most objects.

Urm ManadyteEdit

Urm Manadyte (ウルム•マナダイト, Urumu Manadaito?), romanized as Manadite, is the general term for highly pure Manadyte ores. They are far less in terms of numbers when compared to Manadyte and Lux made with it as a core are known as Orga Lux. There are several different colors and sizes with no two being the same, and they are said to have their own will.

Known OresEdit

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