Ten Thousand Responding ElementsMana (万応素マナ, ManōsoMana?) is an element, previously unknown to man, brought to Earth from outer space during the Invertia Incident.


Mana, an element that was identified to have the of 121 and an of exactly 300, is an extraterrestrial element that was spread around the world and is now extremely abundant due to the random bombardments during the Invertia Incident. As an element, Mana was identified to have several interesting and unique properties.

When mined and crystallized to form an ore known as Manadyte, it has a property that allows it the ability to memorize and fixate on a certain element pattern. This property of Mana is triggered when pressure is applied to it. Because it originates from the Invertia Incident, it must be mined from meteorites. Manadyte is used as the cores of Luxes and other items that were in turn made from a process known as Meteor Engineering.

Manadyte of exceptionally high purity is known as Urm Manadyte. They are used as the cores of Orga Luxes. In general, there are far less of Urm Manadyte in terms of numbers. They also come in different shapes and sizes with no two Urm Manadyte ever being the same. Urm Manadyte is also said to have its own will which is why compatibility tests are held before a student is able to rent out an Orga Lux for usage.

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