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Mahiru Hīragi
Name Mahiru Hīragi
Kanji 柊 真昼
Romanisation Hīragi Mahiru
Alias Nine Lives Demon Sword (九生魔剣, Kyūsei Maken?)
Personal Status
Birthdate April 4th
Age 14
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 160 cm
Weight 42 kg
Blood Type B-
Hometown Sapporo, Hokkaido
Partner Shinoa Hīragi
Occupation Student Council Member
Affiliation Asterisk
Team Team Britannia
Family Tenri Hīragi (Father)
Shion Hīragi (Mother, deceased)
Shinoa Hīragi (Sister)
Student Profile
School of Attendance Queenvail Girls' Academy
Rank #4
Classification Student Council Member
School Entrance Age 12
First Festa Entrance Age 14
Fighting Style Ittō Shōden Mūtōryū
Orga Lux Takemikazuchi

Mahiru Hīragi (柊 真昼, Hīragi Mahiru?) is a supporting character in The Asterisk War: Project Dreamscape light novel series written by Yasuda Izumi. She is a fourth-generation Genestella and the eldest princess of the Hīragi Family. She is the current secretary of the student council of Queenvail Girls' Academy as well as the school's Rank #4.


Mahiru was born into the esteemed Hīragi Family. As a member of this house, great things were expected from Mahiru Hīragi. The Hīragi Family is a powerful family, going back to ancient times. This long history is filled with nothing but extraordinary feats, with each generation performing greater and greater deeds in the name of the Hīragi Clan. Mahiru is a fourth-generation Genestella with her great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers being the first Genestella in the Hīragi Clan.

The Hīragi Family and the Ichinose Family have been friends ever since antiquity. It was a custom to join the two families together in marriage every few generations. Unfortunately, Mahiru got the prize. She was betrothed to Kisui Ichinose, who she did not like in the least. However, she did end up developing a crush on his younger brother, Guren Ichinose. It was here when Mahiru began awakening and coming to realize her abilities as a Strega.

Considering her family’s proximity to Asterisk, her mother, worried for her safety, sent her to Queenvail Girls’ Academy. A first year in the junior high division, she had already made a name for herself. Her alias, Nine Lives Demon Sword, is a testament to her family’s unique kenjutsu style along with her powers as a Strega. Despite her achievements, she was only recognized as the Rank #4 of the academy.

Beginning her second year, she was given the position of Secretary in the student council. Once the semester ended, she was miffed to discover that despite being younger than her, Asseylum li Britannia, which she knew ahead of time as the infamous Flame Dragon Queen, became the Rank #1 of Queenvail after defeating the graduating student council president in a duel and took over her job.


Mahiru has three character traits that defines her, she is kind, she is prideful, and she is indifferent. Although these traits seem to oppose each other, Mahiru proves to be a rather interesting specimen. Like Asseylum, Mahiru is kind and patient. However, unlike Asseylum, Mahiru does not have infinite patience.

Again, unlike Asseylum, Mahiru allowed the praise as a child to enter her head. She began to develop a high sense of pride. This pride made her generally unlikeable as she always liked to place herself as above others. She is basically growing to become a sadist who likes to cause pain to others just because she is above them. However, she has a grudging sense of respect for Asseylum and Kurtashkina Nadezhda Svyatoslavovna, Queenvail’s Rank #3 and the Vice-President of the student council.




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