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Name Lyre-Poros
Kanji ライア= ポロス
Romanisation Raia Porosu
Subtitle Divine Instruments of the Absolute Song (極歌の神楽器, Gokka no Shingakki?)
Type Orga Lux
Core Color Blue
Weapon Type Two Electric Guitars
Bass Guitar
Electronic Keyboard
Drum Set
Previous Owner Hinata Amagiri
Annabeth li Britannia
Julis Reinhardt
Anya Vertega
Yoshiko Yachigusa
School of Ownership Queenvail Girls' Academy

Lyre-Poros: Divine Instruments of the Absolute Song (極歌の神楽器ライア= ポロス, Gokka no ShingakkiRaia Porosu?) is an Orga Lux owned by Queenvail Girls' Academy. It is currently used by the members of TBA. It was formerly used by the members of Absolute ✿ Ryouiki.


Because the Lyre-Poros is split into five pieces, it also has five different personalities, each influenced by its wielder. Annabeth li Britannia and Lyre Poros-Calliope share an incredibly cool and aloof personality. Hinata Amagiri and Lyre Poros-Erato share an extremely volatile personality that could explode at any moment if Hinata is emotionally shaken. Julis Reinhardt, or more like Valda-Vaoth, and Lyre Poros-Polyhymnia, like Annabeth and Lyre Poros-Calliope, share a cool and aloof personality although Julis is much more silent compared to Annabeth.


Before activation, Lyre-Poros takes the shape of several ornaments that adorn the wielder's body. Lyre Poros-Calliope takes the shape of a finger ring on the left ring finger before activation. Lyre Poros-Polyhymnia takes the shape of a necklace. Lyre Poros-Erato takes the shape of three armlets that encircle the right arm. Lyre Poros-Thalia takes the shape of a star-shaped ornament pinned to the collar. Lyre Poros-Melpomene takes the shape of a pair of butterfly-shaped earrings.

Lyre Poros-Calliope and Lyre Poros-Polyhymnia are two electric guitars, two sides of the same coin. Calliope is a red-and-white guitar with blue strings while Polyhymnia is a more scarier-looking green-gray-and-white guitar with gray strings. Lyre Poros-Erato is the standard drum set. Lyre Poros-Melpomene takes the shape of a two-hued pink bass guitar with blue strings. Lyre Poros-Thalia takes the shape of an electric keyboard that encircles the wielder.


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