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Kurtashkina Nadezhda Svyatoslavovna
Name Kurtashkina Nadezhda Svyatoslavovna
Kanji クルトシキナ・ナデジダ・シヴァトスラヴォヴナ
Romanisation Kurutoshikina Nadejida Shivuatosuravuovuna
Alias Strega of the Torrential Rain (沛然雨の魔女, Haizename no Majō?)
Water Lily (睡蓮, Suiren?)
Personal Status
Birthdate March 4th, 2052
Age 13
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 140 cm
Weight 37 kg
Blood Type AB-
Hometown Chernobyl
Country of Origin North Asia
Country of Living Asterisk
Partner Kurtashkina Nadezhda Svyatoslavovna
Occupation Student Council Vice-President
Previous Occupation Page One
Affiliation Asterisk
Team Team Asseylum
Family Unnamed Mother and Father
Nero el Britannia (Adoptive Father)
Alexia li Britannia (Adoptive Mother)
Asseylum li Britannia (Adoptive Sister)
Student Profile
School of Attendance Queenvail Girls' Academy
Rank #3
Classification Student Council Vice-President
School Entrance Age 13
First Festa Entrance Age 13
Lux Pugio
Orga Lux Parazonium

Kurtashkina Nadezhda Svyatoslavovna (クルトシキナ・ナデジダ・シヴァトスラヴォヴナ, Kurutoshikina Nadejida Shivu~atosuravu~ovuna?), known simply as Nadya (ナディーダ, Nadīda?), is an adopted member of the Holy Roman Empire, given the alternate name of Catherine li Britannia (キャサリン・リ・ブリタニア, Kyasurin ri Buritania?). She is a Genestella descended from an unknown number of generations as well as one of the few Genestella able to perform magic spells, who are labeled Strega. She is currently the student council vice-president of Queenvail Girls' Academy.





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