Koji Minamoto (源輝二) is the deuteragonist of Digimon Frontier. He holds the spirits of the legendary warrior of light, Lobomon. He lives with Kanan Matsuura & is her Partner when she needs to transform into Lobomon, KendoGarurumon, BeoWolfmon & MagnaGarurumon like him.

He is the Twin Brother of Koichi Kimura.

He is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya in Japanese Version, Steve Staley in English Version & AJ Constantino in Tagalog Version.
Koji Minamoto

Koji Minamoto appeared in Digimon Frontier


Koji is a Tsundere with pale skin, long navy hair that flows just above his lower back similar to Shun Kazami's, & blue eyes. He wears the Saint Galahadworth Academy Uniform for Males. His face is identical to his twin brother/sister, Koichi Kimura.


Amagiri Shinmei Style (天霧辰明流): Koji uses the Amagiri Shinmei Style as his main method of attack while using his Lobo Kendo LightSabers. Like Ayato, he has only mastered the sword and hand to hand techniques and is still in training with the others.ass


Beginning LevelEdit

  • Futatsumizuchi (貳蛟龍): Koji slashes twice to create a cross shaped slice like Ayato.
  • Shikibachi (肆祁蜂): Koji moves around his target at lightning speed, then thrusts forward multiple times while his arm is stretched out and wrist is twisted.
  • Fugaku (腑牙躯): Koji curls his body and adds his weight onto a downward slash.
  • Sajinrou (沙塵楼): Koji swings his lightsaber at the ground, creating a dust screen to blind his opponent.

Medium LevelEdit

  • Tobiazami (十毘薊): Koji holds his sword in his left hand, twists his body, then swings in a wide arc. Koji then repeats in the other direction by switching the sword to his other hand.
  • Kugatachi (九牙太刀): Koji generates five thrusts and four different kinds of slashes.
  • Yatagarasu (矢汰鳥): Koji takes a deep breath and focuses his concentration. He imagines a small circle with himself at the center which he covers with his concentration, making the area perfectly defended. Yatagarasu is capable of defending against attacks that have a wide range, such as a Satsui no Hado.
  • Kurikara (刳裡殻): Koji cuts his opponent in passing, then twists his wrist, stabbing his opponent to the ground as if to sew them to the ground. This move was used to destroy the Satsui no Hado.
  • Soekibachi (貳鬼蜂): Koji thrusts forward to entice his opponent to attack, then withdraws his sword, using the blade to knock his opponent's weapon up. He attacks again while his opponent is caught off guard.
  • Rikutobachi (陸屠蜂): Koji holds his sword level next to his mouth and thrusts at his opponent six times.
  • Yamonjin (夜紋塵): Koji grasps his weapon with both hands, then runs while twisting his whole body, cutting down his opponent in one strike.
  • Chibashiri (千嘴離): Koji swings his weapon at full strength as he draws it, using the momentum to twist his body and connect to his next strike.

Deep LevelEdit

  • Gyakurasetsu (逆羅刹): Koji controls the flow of power from several opponents to make them kill each other. This technique was originally known as Sakarasetsu until volume 7.
  • Shurazuki (修羅月): Koji moves in on his opponent and slashes at them in a half moon arc. According to Koji, Shurazuki is a technique designed to cut the opponent while running past them without stopping on the battlefield.
  • Higabachi (罷牙蜂): Koji thrusts his weapon forward, at the same time stepping forward while twisting his body, making it an advanced version of Shikibachi. One strike was powerful enough to shatter his opponent's shield.

Extreme LevelEdit

  • Tsugomori (晦): Koji closes his eyes, loosens his body, and shifts his center of balance to the base of his toes. By doing so, it helps his shiki in sensing his opponent, such as their breathing, heartbeat, and muscle movement, bringing their every movement to the world of stillness. Then, keeping his eyes closed, he rushes at his opponent and strikes where he needs to strike. This move is said to not require speed and is likened to drifting in a dark river. It is also described as an extremely accurate counter to the origin of his opponent's movements.

Two SwordsEdit

Medium LevelEdit

  • Narakumo (奈落蜘蛛): Koji moves in on his opponent, then slashes right diagonally, horizontally to the right, twists his body and thrusts with his left, slashes right diagonally, horizontally to the right, twists his body and thrusts with his right, then thrusts with his left again for a total of seven strikes on the same spot.

Ki & AuraEdit

  • Hadoken (波動拳): Koji shoots his opponent with his Blue Aura Sphere, Hadoken is a special attack that originated in Street Fighter. It is often referred to as a "fireball" due to its appearance, despite few instances of the move actually producing elements. It is one of the most famous special moves in the Street Fighter series, along with the Shoryuken & Tatsumaki.
  • Shinku Hadoken (真空波動拳): A super-charged Hadoken that, when executed, can hit the opponent multiple times and destroy other projectiles launched by the opponent. It is much more powerful than a normal Hadoken in that it is coated with a layer of vacuum. Some versions cause it to be fired as a blue beam instead.
  • Spirit Gun (霊丸) Spirit Gun is the signature technique from Yusuke Urameshi. It concentrates spirit energy into the user's hand, releasing it through one's finger tips in the form of a blast. This attack is first used by Koji under direction from Ayato after Koji becomes a new Spirit Detective like Yusuke and is named for the shape Koji's left hand takes when using the attack.
  • Hado-Gatling (波動ガトリング) The user launches their attack multiple times at high speeds. This technique is a reference to the Hadoken Version of Gatling Gun, as if they fired their bullets perpetually at high speeds. This technique is mostly seen used by the Outfighters.
  • Hado Burst (波動バースト) It can be useful in winning Aura Sphere wars, as it will hit only once and land full damage and, if timed correctly, can hit jumping opponents as they land. Unlike other Hadoken users, this is the only variant available to him.


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