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Khlione Seigetsu
Khlione Seigetsu.jpeg
Name Khlione Seigetsu
Kanji 革命クロ
Romanisation Khlione Seigetsu
Alias Mugen Kōrudo Ōjo (無限コールド王女, Literal Meaning: Infinite Cold Princess)
Personal Status
Birthdate December 24th
Age 15
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 182.88 cm
Weight 43.0913 kg
Blood Type B-
Hometown Seiruko
Country of Origin Japan
Country of Living Asterisk
Partner N/A
Occupation Student; Leader of the Akuma Saints
Affiliation Asterisk
Previous Affiliation The Makuro Yakuza
Team N/A
Family Hirogama Seigetsu (Father)
Kisora Asomichi (Mother)
Ash Makuro (Uncle)
Kaiser Makuro (Elder Cousin)
Kakumei Makuro (Eldest Cousin)
Student Profile
School of Attendance Queenvail Girls' Academy
Rank #6
Classification Student
First Festa Entrance Age 13
Fighting Style Akame no Me
Orga Lux Hōkai Suru
Techniques Arctic Wipeout
Disintegration Pierce
Pole Realignment

Khlione Seigetsu (革命クロ, Seigetsu Khlione?) is a supporting character in The Asterisk War: Project Dreamscape light novel series written by Yasuda Izumi. She is the only daughter of Hirogama and Kisora Seigetsu, and the younger cousin of Kakumei and Kaiser Makuro. She is also a Strega, and is Rank #6 at Queenvail Girls' Academy.

Background[edit | edit source]

Khlione was born on a cold, wintry December 24th, exactly 2 minutes before Christmas Day. Growing up in the small, impoverished town of Seiruko, Japan, Khlione grew up in a honest and supportive household. Her cousins, however, often told her about the lives that they lived, as gang members of The Makuro Yakuza. Khlione spent much of her time listening to these stories, only imagining the freedom that comes with their lives. So, on her eighth birthday, she visited her uncle's house, as usual. Only this time, she was going to bargain. She managed to prove her worth, and by age ten, was the official leader of the Akuma Saints.

As a Genestella, specifically Strega, Khlione found that she had an uncanny ability: to freeze. And beyond the capabilities of modern science. Her ice went to even lower temperatures than the theory of Absolute Cold, something Khlione remains proud of to this day. Khlione also chose to attend her dream school: Queenvail Girls' Academy. Upon entering, Khlione managed to obtain a Orga Lux by the name of Hōkai Suru, a blade she has been interconnected with ever since.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Khlione is quiet, softspoken, and very intellectual, often surprising adults with her vast amount of intelligence. Also, Khlione is very clever and persuasive, finding herself able to get the best of people with words alone. However, Khlione rarely does this, and is usually quite happy and calm.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Soul Nitrogen[edit | edit source]

Khlione can concentrate Prana throughout her body, using her body as a conduit for nitrogen. She is then able to manipulate ice absolutely. It is said that her ice can reach -7,000 Kelvin, about -6,727 Celsius and -12,140 Fahrenheit, colder than anything ever officially recorded. With the help of her Orga Lux, Khlione can speed along the amount of time that ice takes to freeze.

Magic Spells[edit | edit source]

Khlione is able to use a variety of spells, ranging from offensive to defensive to supplementary. Khlione names each of her spells after a type of butterfly:

Brimstone: Beautiful Victory is an offensive spell used by Khlione, and is one of her go-to spells at the beginning of a battle. She first snaps her fingers twice, and ice begins to form there. The ice then slowly resembles the Brimstone butterfly. Next, she releases the ice butterfly into the air. The butterfly slowly flutters closer and closer to the opponent's badge. It then lands, and explodes gently, the blast only strong enough to cover the entire badge. The badge then becomes covered ice, and Khlione snaps her fingers once again, and the badge shatters, ending the battle in three snaps.

Adonis Blue: Shield is a defensive spell used by Khlione, and is one of her go-to spells during a battle. Khlione kisses her palm, then blows it at the opponent while they are attacking. A giant, icy version of the Adonis Blue butterfly then shields Khlione from the damage, before shattering afterwards.

Silver-Spotted Skipper: Blistering Hail is an offensive spell used by Khlione. She waves her hand in a clockwise motion, then slams her palm forward. Icy butterflies then fly towards the opponent, specifically, the Silver-Spotted Skipper. The butterflies explode on contact. This spell is an advanced version of Brimstone: Beautiful Victory.

White Admiral: Soothing Pain is a defensive and supplementary spell used by Khlione to protect and heal comrades in battle. She first makes a small cut on her left thumb, then a small cut on her right index finger. Next, she blows onto her target, her bleeding fingers pressed together. An icy pin then shoots towards the target. The target is then encased in ice, which is shaped similar to a White Admiral butterfly, and slowly, the ice closes their wounds. It is expected that Khlione is using the extreme cold to close wounds. This requires a large amount of Prana, along with Khlione's undivided attention.

Red Admiral: Arctic Wipeout is an offensive spell used by Khlione, and is by far her most destructive. She slashes the ground eight times, making a octagon. Next, she pierces her blade in the middle, and places a single finger on the hilt of the sword. She then inhales deeply, and exhales, and upon exhaling, several hundred giant spikes erupt from the ground, shooting towards the opponent. During this, several chains, with the links resembling Red Admiral butterflies, shoot up from the octagon, in an attempt to keep the target still. This spell requires a large amount of Prana to be used efficiently, and can severely drain Khlione.

Swallowtail: Snowstorm is a defensive spell used by Khlione. Quite simply, Khlione balls her hand into a closed fist, and the target is barraged and covered in ice and snow, slamming them down and keeping them detained, similar to a Swallowtail butterfly.

Mountain Ringlet: Disintegration Pierce is a offensive spell often used by Khlione. Using her Orga Lux, Khlione pierces her target, causing it to begin to disintegrate. The technique is plain, quick, and simple...just like the Mountain Ringlet butterfly.

Pole Realignment is an offensive, defensive, and supplementary spell used by Khlione as a last resort. Khlione charges at her opponent, and when she gets close enough, jumps high into the air. Using her Orga Lux's disintegrative abilities, she makes a giant glacier, around 200 ft in size, then slashes it. The glacier collapses, completely destroying the opponent. The ice also realigns itself, serving as armor for Khlione, as well as trapping the opponent in a seemingly never-ending snowstorm and avalanche. This spell requires extreme amounts of Prana, and will leave Khlione extremely drained.

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