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Kakumei Makuro
Kakumei Makuro.jpeg
Name Kakumei Makuro
Kanji 革命クロ
Romanisation Kakumei Makuro
Alias Shinda Fenikkusu (死んだフェニックス, Literal Meaning: Dead Phoenix)
Personal Status
Birthdate January 2nd
Age 18
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 182.88 cm
Weight 64.8637 kg
Blood Type O-
Hometown Seiruko
Country of Origin Japan
Country of Living Asterisk
Partner N/A
Occupation Student; Idol; Leader of the Hiroshi Central Gang
Affiliation Asterisk
Previous Affiliation The Makuro Yakuza
Team N/A
Family Ash Makuro (Father)
Kaiser Makuro (Younger Brother)
Student Profile
School of Attendance Seidoukan Academy
Rank #4
Classification Student
First Festa Entrance Age N/A
Fighting Style Akame no Me
Lux Myōstar
Orga Lux Diablo
Techniques Pseudo-Diablo: Burning Slash
Diablo: Tri-Dragon Hearth
Diablo: Flashover
Diablo: Millisecond Slash
Diablo: Building Detonation
Diablo: Quad-Fireball

Kakumei Makuro (革命クロ, Makuro Kakumei?) is a supporting character in The Asterisk War: Project Dreamscape light novel series written by Yasuda Izumi. He is the eldest son of the Makuro Family, as well as a second-generation Genestella. He is a current student at Seidoukan Academy and a idol. He's also the school's Rank #4

Background[edit | edit source]

Kakumei was born January 2nd in the city of Seiruko, Japan. Known for their infamy and bloodshed, the Makuro Family, better known as the Makuro Yakuza, is known to be the leaders of worldwide crime, after Genestella arrived. Ash Makuro, a first-generation Genestella and the head of the clan, often needed people to rule over different regions of the underworld. Split up in similar methods that the Integrated Enterprise Foundation was, Kakumei Makuro was to receive nothing initially, but eventually received the Hiroshi Central Gang, which directly feuded with Ginga, the governing body of Seidokan Academy.

Ash Makuro split up the Makuro Yakuza's influence similar to the companies for fear of being discovered. The Makuro Yakuza is an affiliation of secrecy, a tradition hoped to be held for centuries. Although the different regions feud with all the different companies, it's often kept away from the public eye. Each company covers an area, similar to the Yakuza's placement; Hiroshi Central Gang feuds with Ginga; Akuma Saints feuds with EP; Jiang Mafia feuds with Jie-Long; Immersion Mob feuds with Frauenlob; Ezerium Force feuds with Solnage; and Jiyū Capitol Mafia feuds with W&W. Kakumei hated his criminal background, and worked to be removed from it, to his father's chagrin.

The Immersion Mob, which is ran by Ash Makuro himself, directly feuded with the nearby school, Arlequint Academy in secrecy. As both Kakumei and his youngest brother, Kaiser Makuro, got older, it became more and more obvious Ash wished for his children to join the family business, which Kaiser joined happily. As Kakumei grew older, he exited the city of Seiruko to become an idol, and was officially disowned by his father for this. Soon, Kaiser became the gang leader of the Immersion Mob, upon Kakumei's return. Kakumei then headed off to Seidoukan Academy, but not before his father would make him the leader of the Hiroshi Central Gang, as a final attempt to connect with his son.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kakumei is very outgoing and loves music, but is mainly known for his ability to speak fourteen different languages (English, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Polish, French, Traditional Chinese, Scottish), making him a polygot.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Nano-Lightspeed[edit | edit source]

Kakumei can concentrate Prana completely throughout his body to increase his speed exponentially. It is said that he can be as quick as a blur with Nano-Lightspeed, moving approximately 200 miles per nanosecond, which is why it is referred to as Nano-Lightspeed. The speed boost only works in environments with large amounts of light, as it requires Kakumei to naturally absorb light into his skin to move alongside it.

Magic Spells[edit | edit source]

Thanks to his Orga Lux, Kakumei has absolute control over fire. Kakumei has developed a series of spells for different occasions, with the help of his brilliant brother:

Underworld Arrows of Damnation (Andāwārudo Yajirushi no Machigai, アンダーワールド矢印間違い)is an offensive spell often used by Kakumei in battle. Kakumei uses his Orga Lux to summon three arrows, 12 inches in length. He then swings it, allowing the arrows to fly towards the target. If they mean to dodge, he can use the command word, explode (爆ぜろ, hazero), to literally detonate the ball directly in the opponent's face.

Missile Crisis (Misairu Kiki, ミサイル危機)is an offensive spell that requires a large amount of Prana and concentration, and is one of Kakumei's favorite spells for it's instant chaos and calamity. First, Kakumei draws a circle in the air with his Lux, then swings it slowly in a counterclockwise manner. One by one, several missile-shaped fireballs are launched at the opponent. The missiles are powerful enough to put a hole in a solid brick wall. The flames can reach up to 345 degrees Fahrenheit.

Blazing Whirlwind (Moeru Senpū, 燃える旋風)is a defensive spell used by Kakumei to limit contact, however, the spell is not lethal. Kakumei swings his blade in several circular motions. Smoke is then spread across the area, at a rate that pushes the opponent back. The smoke is thick enough to hide Kakumei, and the smoke can cause not only the opponent to cough and suffocate, but Kakumei as well.

Absolute Hot: Geometric Allignment (Zettai-Tekina Atsui Ikunangaku-Teki Haichi, 絶対的な熱い幾何学的配置)is an offensive spell used by Kakumei, and is one of his most destructive yet. Kakumei swings his blade in one of several manners: cube, pyramid, hexagon, rectangular prism, or sphere. The shapes then completely surround the opponent, and explodes, able to reach a temperature of 7,000 Kelvin, about 6,727 Celsius and 12,140 Fahrenheit.

Diablo: Tri-Dragon Hearth is a mainly long-distance offensive spell used by Kakumei, and is rather draining in factors of Prana. Kakumei pierces the ground in front of him. Suddenly, three dragons made of flames, about twenty feet in height each, burst up from under the opponent, knocking them around in the air. This spell requires a lot of Prana, and can leave Kakumei extremely tired.

Diablo: Flashover is a offensive spell meant for confined spaces, and can only be used as a last resort. Kakumei first kneels onto one knee, then scratches the letter 'D' into the floor. He then swings his blade clockwise slowly, then says Disperse. The entire room then combusts and erupts into flames, harming not only the opponent, but Kakumei as well. The spell is considered a last resort, in case Kakumei is on the verge of losing, or death, and will rarely, if ever, be used outside of that factor.

Diablo: Building Detonation is an offensive spell and the advanced version of Missile Crisis (Misairu Kiki, ミサイル危機), however, this spell is more draining. First, Kakumei draws a circle in the air with his Orga Lux, then swings it slowly in a counterclockwise manner, similar to his other spell. However, Kakumei then blows into the circle, and a giant nuke-shaped fireball goes spiralling towards the opponent. The fireball is far slower and more draining than the missile variation, but is strong enough to level a building.

Devil's Hide (Akuma no Kakure, 悪魔の隠れ) is a defensive spell used by Kakumei. Kakumei prepares to block an opponent's attack, but then, a dome of fire covers Kakumei, protecting him. The dome of fire is shaped similar to a Roman shield. The fire can be extinguished by water and ice-based attacks.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Diablo: Millisecond Slash is a offensive maneuver used by Kakumei in battle. Kakumei first dashes at his opponent at regular speed, then activates Nano-Lightspeed. He then swings up to four hundred, seventy-six times in the matter of a second. He then ends with a powerful headbutt, to also deal damage. This technique is considered undodgable, but can be blocked if the person has some sort of armor on.

Diablo: Burning Slash is an offensive maneuver used by Kakumei and is his trump card, often used to end a battle quickly. Kakumei rushes at an opponent at normal speed and attacks, usually being deflected. Kakumei then activates Nano-Lightspeed, and appears behind the opponent. Kakumei's Orga Lux, Diablo, then increases self-temperature, able to reach a temperature of 7,000 Kelvin, about 6,727 Celsius and 12,140 Fahrenheit. Kakumei swings at the back of the opponent's head, usually knocking them clean out.

Lux[edit | edit source]

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