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Kaiser Makuro
Kaiser Makuro.jpg
Name Kaiser Makuro
Kanji カイザーマクロ
Romanisation Kaizaa Makuro
Alias Shisei Ouji (刺青王子, Literal Meaning: The Tattooed Prince)
Personal Status
Birthdate November 18th
Age 17
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 182.88 cm
Weight 58.0598 kg
Blood Type A-
Hometown Seiruko
Country of Origin Japan
Country of Living Asterisk
Partner N/A
Occupation Student; Leader of the Immersion Mob
Previous Occupation The Makuro Yakuza's Swordmaster/Gang Leader
Affiliation Asterisk
Previous Affiliation The Makuro Yakuza
Team N/A
Family Ash Makuro (Father)
Kakumei Makuro (Elder Brother)
Student Profile
School of Attendance Arlequint Academy
Rank #15
Classification Student
First Festa Entrance Age N/A
Fighting Style Akame no Me
Lux Nightshade

Kaiser Makuro (カイザーマクロ, Makuro Kaizaa?) is a supporting character in The Asterisk War: Project Dreamscape light novel series written by Yasuda Izumi. He is the youngest son and heir of the Makuro Family. He is a current student at Arlequint Academy as well as the school's Rank #15.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kaiser was born into the infamous Makuro Family of Seiruko, Japan. Known for their infamy and bloodshed, the Makuro Family, better known as the Makuro Yakuza, is known to be the leaders of worldwide crime, after Genestella arrived. Ash Makuro, a first-generation Genestella and the head of the clan, often needed people to rule over different regions of the underworld. Split up in similar methods that the Integrated Enterprise Foundation was, Kaiser Makuro was to receive the Hiroshi Central Gang, which directly feuded with Ginga, the governing body of Seidokan Academy.

Ash Makuro split up the Makuro Yakuza's influence similar to the companies for fear of being discovered. The Makuro Yakuza is an affiliation of secrecy, a tradition hoped to be held for centuries. Although the different regions feud with all the different companies, it's often kept away from the public eye. Each company covers an area, similar to the Yakuza's placement; Hiroshi Central Gang feuds with Ginga; Akuma Saints feuds with EP; Jiang Mafia feuds with Jie-Long; Immersion Mob feuds with Frauenlob; Ezerium Force feuds with Solnage; and Jiyū Capitol Mafia feuds with W&W. Kaiser, upon birth, was expected to be the heir of the yakuza itself, to his eldest brother's, Kakumei Makuro, chagrin.

The Immersion Mob, which is ran by Ash Makuro himself, directly feuded with the nearby school, Arlequint Academy in secrecy. As both Kakumei and Kaiser got older, it became more and more obvious Ash wished for his children to join the family business, which Kaiser joined happily. As Kaiser grew older, and his exceptional intellect shined, Ash wanted his son to attend Arlequint Academy, to his son's confusion. The Makuro Yakuza has had young gang leaders who have attended enemy schools; there were stories of a Jiang Mafia leader once graduating from Jie-Long Institution, even Ash Makuro attended Arlequint Academy. But, Kaiser was in charge of the Hiroshi Central Gang, which was positioned near Ginga, a.k.a, Seidoukan Academy. However, Kaiser still happily followed his father's wishes, even if that meant giving up leadership of the Hiroshi Central Gang. Fortunately, his father gave his loyal son the leadership of the Immersion Mob, to help his son get ahead.

Beginning his first year, Kaiser was gifted the Lux Nightshade from his father. Meanwhile, Kakumei returned from his career as an idol to attend Seidoukan Academy, where he was given leadership of the Hiroshi Central Gang. Meanwhile, Ash has been bedridden, becoming sicker and sicker, likely from age. It is still expected that Kaiser becomes the heir to the leadership of the underground.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kaiser is considered to be exceptionally intelligent, despite his efforts to look the opposite. Naturally aggressive, Kaiser is known for his strategic thinking, as well as his rude mouth. He's also known to be quite nonchalant and laid-back.


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