The Authentic No-Sword Style (一刀正伝無刀流, Ittō Shōden Mutō-ryū?) is the name given to the royal style of swordplay of the Britannia House. It is taught mostly to the imperial line but "weaker" derivatives have been brought outside of the family and into the stadium of the common people.


The Authentic No-Sword Style is a relatively new school of kenjutsu, taught in various locations throughout the territory of the Holy Roman Empire. However, the most refined form of the school is under the command of the imperial family. The form falls under the belief that the sword is more than just an extension of the arm. It is an extension of one's soul and should be treated as such. One must be able to completely sync themselves with their sword to make the full use of this style. With the existence of Prana, realizing this style is easier than if it was invented before the Invertia Incident.

The term no-sword (無刀, mutō?) refers to another important teaching of this sword style which dictates that the difference between Sword and Self, and between oneself and one’s opponent is illusory and that the underlying unity of all is the most important thing in swordsmanship. A practitioner of this sword style will make it their ultimate goal to forge a deep bond with their blade. Utilization of this skill requires the user to be in a united state of mind with his blade. When he moves, so too must his sword. Though this sounds simple, the execution can be difficult to master. The reason for this is that to move both body and sword requires the user to simultaneously move his body and his sword, creating a formation where their movements sync perfectly in unity with the swing of their sword, allowing them to utilize a broad spectrum of different attacks that normal kenjutsu rarely accounts for.

This sword style was still in the making during the school life of Annabeth li Britannia and as such, went relatively unknown. However, it was known enough for the Seven Universal Families to give it a name which is how Authentic No-Sword Style came to be. When Asseylum vi Britannia displayed these graceful sword techniques, honed to near-perfection during her debut in the 14th Lindvolus Festa, the Seven Universal Families praised it, comparing it to the old styles of their own, specifically, the Amagiri Shinmeiryū and the Tōdōryū.

List of Techniques

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