The Rain of Falling Stars IncidentInvertia (落星雨事件インバーティア, Rakuseiu JikenInbātia?), more commonly known as the Invertia Incident, is a catastrophic event that occurred in the year 1962 A.D. of the

that brought humanity to its knees.


The Invertia Incident began as a prediction by the self-proclaimed and , . Eventually, some Indian astrologers would also provide the same prediction: a planetary alignment was to bring the world to an end. The date for the destruction of the world was set to February 4th, 1962. Lo, and behold, predictions were correct.

On that fateful Sunday, the skies opened up. A hail of meteors pummeled the Earth. Communities were laid to waste. Whole cities were swallowed up by fireballs caused by these invading attackers. Islands vanished under the ocean as massive waves thrown up by meteorites that landed in the water propagated across the globe. For forty days and forty nights, the chaos of the Invertia Incident continued.

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On the morning of Friday, March 16, 1962, the catastrophe halted. The world was a burnt post-apocalyptic wasteland. The shape of the landmasses has also changed drastically. and are no longer connected due to a series of asteroids that concentrated over the that connects them: ended up being completely obliterated. and have become islands in a sea of craters filled with water. is now split in two along the . Tectonic activity along with multiple impacts along the line of the fault helped to rift Africa in two. Like Alaska and Canada, Russia is a country of potholes, especially in the northern stretches.
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