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Holy Roman Empire
Holy Roman Flag.png
Name Holy Roman Empire
Kanji 天来ローマ帝国
Romanisation Tenrai Rōma Teitoku
Literal English Heavenly Roman Empire
Government Type Absolute monarchy
Leader Charlemagne (1st Emperor)
One Unnamed Emperor
Annabeth li Britannia (2nd Empress)
Nero el Britannia (3th Emperor)
Asseylum li Britannia (Heir Apparent)
Capital City London
Population Size 3,700,000,000 (as of The Asterisk War: New World Fanon Canon)
States and Territories
Real World Countries
Middle East countries (Egypt exempt)
United Kingdom

The Holy Roman Empire is one of the two major world powers, the other being the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, that grew following the chaos of the Invertia Incident which left the world destroyed and in need of human order yet again.


The Holy Roman Empire has its roots on the European subcontinent, which was left, miraculously, relatively unscathed by the bombardment of the Invertia Incident. The largest impact that occurred here was located in the country of Poland, dubbed the Warsaw Impact due to its close proximity to the city of Warsaw. It was caused by a kilometer-wide asteroid that dug a thirteen-kilometer-wide crater (the area around this crater would eventually become the independent state of Lieseltania).

During the events of The Asterisk War: Chaos Labyrinth light novel series, the Empire had expanded south all the way to the Mediterranean Sea and eastward to the borders of Lieseltania. Sixty years following, heading into the time of The Asterisk War: New World Fanon Canon along with the The Asterisk War: Project Dreamscape light novel series, the Holy Roman Empire had expanded to accommodate all of the territory its ancestor, the Roman Empire had, excluding Africa.


Anarchy in Britain[]

The Invertia Incident brought death and despair to all corners of the world. The only major impact that occurred on the island of Great Britain was a 700-meter-wide meteor that struck fifteen kilometers north of London, completely decimating the old capital of the United Kingdom. As such, with the government destroyed, the country descended into anarchy.

Once the Invertia Incident ended, the surviving population on the continent began to vie for control of the obliterated country. Considering that the island was still large, a plethora of gangs would establish territory, splitting the country into about three hundred different sections, each controlled by a gang leader. London alone had thirty different gangs competing for its territory.

Seizing Control[]

Ironically, it was the weakest of the clans in the main city of London that would eventually rise up from the dirt and claim all the power for itself. It all started with the dreams of a boy, his birth name being Charlie Johnson. He was the first Genestella to be born within his clan. Born in the autumn of 1963, Charlie proved to be more powerful and more in control than the others. He eventually used his powers to assert dominance over everyone else.

With his newfound power, he made all the other gangs bow down to him and set up a government in the form of an absolute monarchy. He decided to go with the name of Charlemagne, a monarch he idolized as a perfect one. In two months, Charlie had brought both the island of Britain and the island of Ireland under his control. He christened this new area, Escax. He then began making plans on expanding his sphere of influence. His goal was to bring all of Europe under his control during his lifetime.

In military campaigns, Charlemagne was nearly undefeated. He easily conquered the remains of France, Spain, Portugal, and the other countries until he stopped at the borders of an independent state, Lieseltania. He was blocked from further eastward expansion by this country. However, he was rather satisfied with the lands he had gathered, the entire continent of Europe was now under his power. He proceeded to enter negotiations with the first king of Lieseltania, a man named Alexander Reinhardt. They proceeded like normal, with the terms of their contract being annexing the territory of Lieseltania in return for allowing the Lieseltanians to govern themselves.

However, before the contract was signed, a banquet was held in Lieseltania's capital, Storel. Woefully, at this banquet, disaster sprouted. A group of terrorists who were at the time, unidentified, attacked the banquet hall and killed large numbers of people, including both Charlemagne and Alexander. Not knowing who had done this, the opposing countries fought a war in the city, with the forefront of both countries being the widows of the now deceased monarchs of their respective countries. This battle would go down in history as the Battle of Storel City or Storel City's Strife, the largest and longest conflict (the battle sank into trench warfare and lasted for fifty-five days) that involved humans since the Invertia Incident. Proving to be more powerful, Lieseltania lost the battle and was forced into submission by the Romans. However, despite all of the strife that had occurred, the monarchs still preferred the plan that Charlemagne and Alexander went with.


The death of Charlemagne sent his daughter and son-in-law to be the second emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. After a quiet rule of about 40 years, both royals died of old age. The third emperor, Nero el Britannia, would be the emperor that expanded the empire to its current extent, with its territory stretching all the way to the Indian Ocean. Lieseltania, although technically a protectorate vassal state and must submit to the Romans, remain generally peaceful and cooperative. They have had no major problems with the Holy Roman emperors since the Storel incident. Together, these two countries make up one of the two superpowers of the post-apocalyptic world, the other being a conglomeration of business companies.


The Holy Roman Empire takes inspiration from the Roman emperors but from the early stages, where the emperor was the sole ruler of the growing empire. The Holy Roman Empire is run as an absolute monarchy with a constitution that is extremely similar to the old Constitution used in the Americas, written in the 1770s, although changed slightly to match the government style of the empire.

Royal Family[]

The ruling family of the Holy Roman Empire takes the surname of Britannia (ブリタニア, Buritania?), a memento to their homeland and birthplace, the British Isles.Children of the ruling family are given middle names that compose of simply two letters. The named ones include: li' (used by Annabeth, Alexia) and Victoria), el (used by Nero), and vi (used by Asseylum vi Britannia).