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Chiaki Tsuchimikado
Name Chiaki Tsuchimikado
Kanji 土御門 千秋
Romanisation Tsuchimikado Chiaki
Alias Kuzunoha's Reincarnation (葛の葉の転生者, Kuzunoha no Tenseisha?)
Personal Status
Birthdate December 5th, 1987
Age 14 (Beginning of Chaos Labyrinth)
17 (End of Chaos Labyrinth)
87 (Project Dreamscape)
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 163 cm
Weight 45 kg
Blood Type O-
Hometown Shimabara
Country of Origin Japan
Country of Living Asterisk
Partner TBA
Occupation Shrine Maiden
Page One
Affiliation Asterisk
Team TBA
Family Michinaka Tsuchimikado (Biological Father)
Shīna Tsuchimikado (Biological Mother)
Futsu Amagiri (Adoptive Father)
Shigure Amagiri (Adoptive Mother)
Student Profile
School of Attendance Queenvail Girls' Academy
Rank #4
School Entrance Age 14
First Festa Entrance Age 15
Orga Lux Arc Tespia

Hinata Amagiri (天霧 日向, Amagiri Hinata?), born Chiaki Tsuchimikado (土御門 千秋, Tsuchimikado Chiaki?), is a supporting character in The Asterisk War: Chaos Labyrinth light novel series. She is a student at Queenvail Girls' Academy and a Sterga. She is also the reincarnation of the fox spirit, Kuzunoha.

Background[edit | edit source]

Chiaki Tsuchimikado is the only child of the main branch of the Tsuchimikado Family, who themselves were subservient to the greater Amagiri Family. At birth, she was immediately discovered to be a special child, because of her ears and the tail that she sported. After a bit of further research, her father, Michinaka, was blown away upon discovering that Chiaki was, in fact, a transmigrant of the soul of their family's founder's mother, Kuzunoha. That explained her fox-like features.

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