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Hōkai Suru
Hokai Soru.jpeg
Name Hōkai Suru
Kanji 崩壊する
Romanisation Hokkai Tokusuru
Subtitle The Disintergrator of Worlds (世界, Sekai?)
Type Orga Lux
Core Color Midnight Black
Weapon Type Two-Handed Sword
Current Owner Khlione Seigetsu
Previous Owner Wu Jiang
School of Ownership Queenvail Girls' Academy

Hōkai Suru (崩壊する世界, SekaiHokkai Tokusuru?) is one of the Orga Luxes belonging to Queenvail Girls' Academy and formerly belonging to Jie Long Seventh Institute, before being given away. It is currently being used by Khlione Seigetsu, with the outstanding compatibility rate of TBA. It was formerly used by Wu Jiang whose compatibility rate stood at an 90%.


Hōkai Suru matches Khlione's personality extremely well: quiet, honest, respectful, and determined. Hōkai Suru, however, also has a bad temper, and hates to be ignored. Its former 90% compatibility with its former master dropped to a -25.5% because of this, meaning it is quite imperative to make Hōkai Suru feel listened to.


In its deactivated form, Hōkai Suru appears to be a steel black pendant, shaped similarly to a butterfly with sapphire eyes and diamond-crested wings. The black Urm Manadyte can be seen as the skull itself. When activated, the pendant expands into a longsword with its turquoise edge measuring eighty meters. Hōkai Suru always seems to glisten and glimmer, with or without light shining upon it, strangely.


Hōkai Suru has the uncanny ability to destabilize atomic bonds, quite similar to the Ser-Veresta. Many who use it comment on its ability to virtually decay and disintegrate anything it comes in contact with, similar to the before mentioned Orga Lux. Hōkai Suru, however, feeds on anger, often making its users uncharacteristically barbaric and evil, making it hard, if not impossible, to reason with that said person.