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The Mysterious Air Style (玄空流, Genkūryū?) is the style of fighting taught at the Wakamiya Family-run dojo.


The Genkūryū is a fusion of many existing martial arts from Asia fused together after the fall of humanity in lieu of the Invertia Incident. It is the unique fighting style of the Wakamiya family and is only known to them. There have been incidents of people copying the Genkūryū maneuvers after observing a practitioner use it but due to them being not actually taught in the usage of Genkūryū, it is highly unlikely that they will be able to defeat an actual practitioner.

List of Techniques[]

Circling Kick[]

Circling Kick (巡蹴, Junshū?) is a simple Prana-infused kick that is delivered after momentum is built through a spin. The direction and foot used do not matter.

Impacting Gouge[]

Impacting Gouge (衝抉, Shōketsu?) is used by infusing the fist with Prana before punching the ground. The force of the shockwave produced is enough to easily crack both concrete and even steel, with ease. The shockwave would also blow away anyone in the vicinity.

Rotating Destruction[]

Rotating Destruction (旋破, Senpa?) is a simple punch aimed at an opponent's chest. Despite it being simple, it is a deadly attack because it is infused with Prana which isn't soft. Being hit with this would be enough to crack or even shatter an opponent's ribs.

Rotating Hammer[]

Rotating Hammer (転槌, Tentsui?) is a defensive maneuver. After deflecting an opponent's attack using the principles of the True Fist White Blade Removal (真剣白刃取り, Shinken Shirahadori?), Minato proceeds to wrest the weapon out of her opponent's hands before spinning and delivering a Prana-infused elbow strike. The elbow used depends on the direction of her rotation.

Sickle Ring[]

Sickle Ring (鎌輪, Renrin?) is a supplementary maneuver that consists of a simple kick to the foot to knock the opponent off-balance. Depending on the force of the kick used, the opponent can either find themselves without a foothold or find themselves flipped over entirely.

Spiral Iron[]

Spiral Iron (螺鉄, Ratetsu?) is an offensive maneuver that is a combination of a barrage of fists along with unpredictable movements. Minato first infuses Prana into her feet before beginning to hop side to side, starting slowly at first before gradually increasing her speed. She then proceeds to throw a series of punches which cannot be predicted because of her erratic movements. It works in a similar way to the Conjoined Cranes taught at the school of Tōdōryū except done without a weapon.