The Starpulse GenerationGenestella (星脈世代ジェネステラ, Hoshimyaku SedaiJenesutera?) is the new race of humans born following the Invertia Incident. They are the result of normal humans being influenced by the new element brought down to Earth during the Invertia Bombardment, Mana.


The Starpulse Generation began cropping up as soon as five years following the end of the Invertia Incident. They are and can be considered the evolution of a higher species of humans. They are born with the ability to manipulate an aura known as Prana. They are far more physically fit than normal humans, able to perform feats that humans would consider 'superhuman' with extreme ease.

There are also Genestella who are able to link their Prana through flesh and blood to perform magic. However, the number of Genestella able to do so is extremely small. Only 3.6% of all Genestella born have the ability to do this. Female ability wielders are known as Strega while male ability wielders are known as Dante, with the division between male and female about equal at 1.6%.

In the eyes of normal humans, Genestellas are considered a heretical entity. Because of this, there are some students that come to Asterisk because of discrimination in their home countries. That same discrimination is one of the reasons why criticism of Festas don't centralize.

Due to them being far stronger when compared to regular humans, they are bound by far harsher laws as a way to keep them in check. For example, while a regular human would've gotten away with killing another person in self-defense, Genestella who are in the same predicament would be judged to be murderers and sentenced accordingly instead.

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