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The Star Warrior FestivalFesta (星武祭フェスタ, SeibusaiFesuta?) are three different battle tournaments held by the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, comprised of the Phoenix (鳳凰星武祭フェニックス・フェスタ, Hōō SeibusaiFenikkusu Fesuta?), Gryps (獅鷲星武祭グリフィス・フェスタ, Shiju SeibusaiGurifisu Fesuta?), and Lindwurm (Lindvolus) (王竜星武祭リンドウーム・フェスタ, Ōryū SeibusaiRindoūmu Fesuta?).


The Festa takes two years for one set as each Festa is held in different seasons, which sometimes overlap in the same year. Each Festa is an event that spans two weeks with a total 256 pairs/teams/participants each. The Phoenix is held in the summer of the first year, the Gryps is held in the autumn of the second year, and the Lindvolus is held in the winter of that same second year. The school festival is held every year in the spring. Commentators for each Festa are decided by results left as a contestant. However, any former contestants currently working at any of the schools in Asterisk are excluded. The first Festa was held exactly seventy years ago to commemorate the completed construction of Asterisk and was a one-on-one tournament.

Matches are decided either by breaking the opponent's school emblem or rendering them unconscious and unable to continue the fight. As it is an event purely for entertainment and friendly competition, obvious brutality and attacks with the intent to kill are forbidden and are punishable. Festas are also extremely popular, shown across the world, making it one of the largest sources of revenue for Asterisk. Since the Integrated Enterprise Foundation hosts the Festa, they are operated in favor of the consumer majority. The winner, or winners, of a Festa gain the right to have their wish granted by the Integrated Enterprise Foundation. While a battle is in occurrence, a barrier is set around the playing field to protect the audience from the students who are duking it out. This barrier is later upgraded by students from Arlequint Academy for the 36th Gryps Festa onwards.

The Festa use the main Sirius Dome (which is used only for the semifinals and finals) along with the three large domes and seven medium domes. Any student that manages to win all three tournaments within their time at Asterisk achieves what's known as a Grand Slam, and currently, only the Empress of Midnight has been able to do so although, her granddaughter is also one Festa away from attaining this esteemed title herself.

Types of FestaEdit

As stated above, there are three different types of Festas, the Phoenix, the Gryps, and the Lindwurm.


The Phoenix Festa is a tournament held in the summer of the first year and is the first Festa in the rotation. It is a tournament between pairs, two-on-two. Each year, 256 teams are entered, making a total of 512 participants.

Known Phoenix WinnersEdit


The Gryps Festa is a tournament held in the autumn of the second year and is the second Festa in the rotation. It is a team battle, pitting teams of five against each other. Each year, 256 teams are entered. making a total of 1280 participants.

Known Gryps WinnersEdit


In terms of difficulty, the Lindwurm Festa may be the most difficult of all. It is held in the winter immediately following the Gryps (in January) and is the final Festa in the rotation. It is a constant battle of attrition, pitting single contestants against each other. There are 256 participants each year.

Known Lindwurm WinnersEdit


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