Erika & Ayato

Erika & Ayato became a Hundred Percent Couple

Erika Amagiri (天霧えりか (née Benitez (ベニテス)) usually known as Jan Erika Suarez Benitez (ヤン・えりか・スアレス・ベニテス), is the titular protagonist of The Asterisk War: Erika's Decision and one of the main heroines of Asterisk Frontier, she's a 17-18 year old student of Seidoukan Academy. Erika's main objective behind entering Seidoukan is to make conditions better for those living in Philippines.

Erika is a fiancée/girlfriend of Ayato Amagiri who also attends the same Seidoukan Academy. She is a minded young woman who is always bossing her Half Sister-in-law & love rival around. However, she also has a sweet feminine side and a soft spot for her close friend. Erika is the reader for the Comics and will do anything for a scoop and is always looking for a story. Because of this, she tends to follow Ayato around time to time because of their ability to find trouble. It is speculated that she had a crush on Ayato due to her jealousy when JulisKirin and Ernesta flirt with him. Her Digimon, Terriermon, is a Sweet Pet.


Erika has breast size same as her love rival's, Kotoha's, Diana's, Satori's, Fūko's, Reiko's, Ayaka's, Hayako's, Sakurako's, Olivia's, Selene's, her rival's & her close friend's, short or shoulder-length cyan (sea green in the Light Novel & Manga) hair styled in a Bob Cut similar to Saya Sasamiya, with blunt pangs on her forehead, and blue eyes. In the middle of her face, her blunt bangs between her forehead. Her short hair is almost on a back of her neck. She wears a blue butterfly hair ornament on her right, her own glasses, character socks, casual shoes & traditional Seidoukan Academy uniform top similar to Ayato's & a Seidoukan Academy uniform skirt for females.


Erika is a generally fine, shy, cool, and polite young woman. Due to her childhood trauma of indirectly causing her Mother-in-law to be incarcerated, she is initially self-loathing. As such, despite her exceedingly incredible fighting abilities, she puts the wishes of others before her own and allows herself to be used by her Father-in-law, as well as blaming herself whenever anything bad happens when she is around.

After being engaged by Ayato to be her boyfriend instead of Julis' Love Interest, she begins to be more assertive, although she is still full of self-doubt and as such, she reguarly apologizes profusely whenever she finds herself to have offended others in any way, even when it is not entirely her fault. As she is used to being treated as a tool instead of a person, she is slow to warm up to others, but in time has proven herself to be a good girlfriend.

Also, Erika has a fear of planes, and can't swim even though she retains her reflexes underwater.

Erika sports a friendly, polite, and helpful personality with a penchant for ending up in awkward situations. She is indiscriminate as to who she is being friendly to and is helpful to a fault, as well as being a bit naive. However, underneath the soft facade lies a person with an indomitable will who always tries to do the right thing, regardless of the potential trouble that she will get Ayato herself into.


Trivia Edit

  • Erika is Ranked 1st at Seidōkan Academy after defeating Kirin Tōdō & avenging Ayato Amagiri's defeat.
  • In Episode 5 scene similar to Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V's Episode 23, A Date With Fate: Part 2, Erika gets angry at Ernesta as she tries to chase her for erotic kissing each Protagonst onto his/her cheek on the erotic lips when she hits her for erotic kissing him/her on the erotic lips onto his/her cheek & Julis for stealing Ayato from Saya in front of the children, as the genius, oblivious perverted Ernesta asks when she meets Jolbert & Maria von Riessfeld, & how many kids each character wants as all the characters scream that they'll definitely change those fates.
  • In Episode 12 scene similar to Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V's Episode 23, A Date With Fate: Part 2, Erika was kicking a Tsundere with Pink Hair named Julis to the stomach in 10 times, who predicted she would duel Ayato. After both Ayato & Julis win by defeating the Urzaiz Sisters to Erika, he's in love with her, then all the girls run on front of Ayato squealing about him being one of his (false) ex-spouses. Erika gets a jealousy attack & chases the girls with a Harisen, while the girls are that clasped to him.
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