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Name Elysium
Kanji エリシウム
Romanisation Erishiumu
Subtitle Divine Bow of Emotion (感情の神弓, Kanjō no Shinkyū?)
Type Orga Lux
Core Color Pink
Weapon Type Bow
Previous Owner TBA
School of Ownership Queenvail Girls' Academy

Elysium: Divine Bow of Emotion (感情の神弓エリシウム, Kanjō no ShinkyūErishiumu?) is one of the seven Orga Luxes belonging to Queenvail Girls' Academy. It is currently being used by TBA, with the compatibility rate of TBA. It was formerly used by TBA whose compatibility rate stood at a TBA.


When deactivated, Elysium takes the shape of a jewel implanted directly on the wielder's chest. Upon calling out the name of this specific Orga Lux, it expands into a steel bow 150 centimeters in length that has an eerie rosy pink crystalline glow.