Dian Masaki
• Characteristics•
 Gender Male
 Age 14
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Purple
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Jie Long Seventh Institute
 Occupation Student
 Rank Unranked
 Weapon Aural (Jian)
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Genestellar Yes

Dian Masaki is one of the main protagonists in Asterisk War: Restoration. He is a Dante who is extremely confident in inheriting the title of "Banryuu Tenra."

Appearance Edit

Dian possesses semi long black hair that covers his face so that you could only see his sharp purple eyes between the strands of hair which gave him an intimidating air that made it hard for people to approach him. It is obvious that Dian doesn't care much for his looks which just leaves him slightly above average looking at most times. He wears the Jie Long Seventh Institute uniform for males during school.

Personality Edit

Dian is a rude and arrogant man who acts without restraint on nearly everything he does. Despite this he normally doesn't mean any harm because this is just simply how he is.

History Edit

Dian grew up in a recluse family that focused on a state of mind known as Zanshin (残心, Soundless mind.) At a young age, he quickly reached mastery in the martial art which caused him to have an aloof and distant look which caused other children to stay away from him. As he grew up, his lack of interaction with other kids caused him to have a natural glare, added along with his constant success in training, Dian soon just grew to become an unruly boy that caused others to dislike him.

Abilities Edit

Zanshin (残心): Dian's training in Zanshin allows for a state of mind that surpasses the normal human. He is nearly always in a tranquil state of mind where nothing could perturb or break his focus. The amount of focus grants Dian willpower that allows him to stand up even after his breaking point. This serves as a base for all of his martial arts techniques, his speed causing him to be well protected against attacks even when he himself is attacking an opponent, added on with his ability from being a Dante, his defenses are virtually impenetrable.

Sword Edit

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