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Dark Phenom Alliance
Dark Phenom Alliance.png
Name Dark Phenom Alliance
Kanji 暗い天才同盟
Romanisation Kurai Tensai Doumei
Alias Dāku Tensai (ダーク天才, Literally Meaning: Dark Phenom)
Dāku Tensai Kunshu-sei Pātī (ダーク天才君主制パーティー, Literally Meaning: Dark Phenom Monarchy Party)
Personal Status
Members Wolf Ashura (leader)
Wu Jiang (leader)
Status Alive, identities unknown to public

The Dark Phenom Alliance, also simply known as Dark Phenom, is believed to be a supremacy terrorist regime founded by the AGA. However, this is simply not true. While it may be a terrorist regimist group, it has never expressed any racist, discrimenatory, or sexist remarks towards any person, place, thing, or idea. The Dark Phenom Alliance is led by Wolf Ashura and Wu Jiang, who hold the highest amount of power over this entire terrorist group, even more than the rest of the AGA.

History[edit | edit source]

The Dark Phenom Monarchy Party, a popularly known political name for the terrorist organization, is a movement started at an unknown date, believed to be between two to four months following the founding of the Asterisk Generation Act Party in Seiruko, Japan, where The Makuro Yakuza just so happened to be founded, as well. The Dark Phenom gained immediate infamy after launching several aimed attacks on the families and homes of the higher-ups in the Integrated Enterprise Foundation. Their notoriety only grew as their attacks became more and more grisly, as more and more people turned up dead or more and more commercial hijackings of trains and planes occurred, as well as homes being burned down, and people being tortured before death. Led under the psychopathic tendencies of Wolf Ashura and Wu Jiang. Under their leadership, their regime only grows to this date. Both of the leaders, albeit their identities unknown, are considered to be the most infamous criminals to date, and they both have bounties on their heads, despite nobody knowing their identities.

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