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September 16, 2084

The Second Princess of Emperor Kuroyuki, the son of the retired Emperor Asahiko, has been born. Immediately after her birth, her mother, Empress Keiko, noticed that she was different than her other children. She had been able to shove the doctor to the floor when held. The old Asahiko regained some of the light in his eyes. He declared that Yasuda Minamoto was to be sent to the city of Asterisk when she becomes old enough. Asahiko also proclaimed to his immediate family that the princess' name will be changed appropriately, in order to hide her identity as related to the imperial line.

September 20, 2094

From an early age, the princess trained in the arts of her ancestral kenjutsu style, Izumi Tenshiryuu. It is in fact a class of dual-wielding. However, the princess favors the one-hand style of training more than the dual-wielding style. She inherited the sword of her family, the Ohabari, and wields that, instead of her projected weapons, since she does have both magus and Starpulse blood within her.

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