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Name Bakuhatsu
Kanji ばくはつ
Romanisation Baku Hatsu
Subtitle The Explosive Art (爆発的なアート, Bakuhatsu Teki na Aato?)
Type Orga Lux
Core Color Blazing Orangish-Red
Weapon Type One-Handed Sword
Current Owner Wu Jiang
Previous Owner Wolf Ashura
School of Ownership Jie Long Seventh Institution

Bakuhatsu (ばくはつ, Baku Hatsu) is one of the Orga Luxes belonging to Jie Long Seventh Institute. It is currently being used by Wu Jiang, with a current compatibility rate of TBA. It's former user, Wolf Ashura, held an outstanding compatibility rate of 85.9%.


Bakuhatsu's personality is quite anguished, often antsy and mild mannered, and is quick to battle. Bakuhatsu is known for it's longing of bloodshed, and its innate ability to bring anger to the forefront of its wielder's mind. It is important to keep Bakuhatsu in battle long enough, and is important to use him to battle, otherwise he may feel alone, which will affect the compatibility rate in the long haul.


Bakuhatsu is known for it's ability to cause fission and tension between potential and kinetic bonds and energy, creating explosions that range in power and effectiveness. It is known to use the ability defensively and offensively in battle, and the ability can range in extremity and lethalness. However, Bakuhatsu feeds on Mana to be used, and has an innate ability of making it's user more irritable and furious, making the user harder to reason with.

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