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Asterisk Generation Act
Asterisk Generation Act
Name Asterisk Generation Act
Kanji 生成法
Romanisation Asterisk Seisei Hou
Alias Senzo no Gendai Hanzai (先祖の現代の犯罪, Literally Meaning: Progenitors of Modern Crime)
Dāku Tensai's Shidō-sha (ダーク天才指導者, Literally Meaning: Dark Phenom's Leader)
Personal Status
Members Wu Jiang (leader)
Kaiser Makuro (public representative)
Kakumei Makuro
Khlione Seigetsu
Wolf Ashura (founder & co-leader)
Status Alive, identities unknown to public

The Asterisk Generation Act (生成法, Asterisk Seisei Hou) is the leading political party of Seiruko, Japan, and is considered to be a international hate group that spreads violence wherever they go. In all actuality, the Asterisk Generation Act was founded by Wu Jiang to acknowledge the phenomenon that each of the subsidiaries of The Makuro Yakuza are ran by people under the age of 21 and are students at their rivaling schools, save for the Jiyu Capitol Gang, which is led by the leader of the Makuro Family himself, Ash Makuro. Not only is this phenomenon unique and equally strange, each leader of the gang are prominent Genestella and Dantes/Stregas who gained access to Orga Luxes, save Kaiser Makuro and Wolf Ashura, both of which don't have Orga Luxes nor are they Dantes or Stregas. Wolf Ashura is the current head of command and leader of the Asterisk Generation Act, or the AGA, while Wu Jiang serves as Co-Leader. Kaiser Makuro handles public affairs. While none of their identities are known to the public, the AGA is most known for it's various attempts to dethrone the Intergrated Enterprise Foundation, by serving as the founders of the international terrorist group Dark Phenom, which serves as the acting party for their regime, and by enlisting the help of The Makuro Yakuza, who is still unknown to the public, and their relationship is unknown to the Intergrated Enterprise Foundation. The AGA, despite being known as a hate group and terrorist regime, is most noted for it's duty to dethrone the Intergrated Enterprise Foundation, for various reasons. It is assumed that they wish to become the world's dictators following the dethronization of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, however, most of their antics seem to push towards a reestablishment of democratic monarchy.


The Asterisk Generation Act is believed to be a spin on the political regime at the beginning of the Inertia Incident, known as the Nazi Generation Utilitarian Act Party. While failing miserably to gain a place in any political office, thanks to the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, the NGUAP was known to terrorize and kill up to two million during their time before falling into relative extinction. The AGA has been credited to being their subsidiary or their second-coming, despite having zero evidence to back this claim, save their similar name. The AGA Party has consistently denied this claim, and has pushed forward with their beliefs of dethroning the Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

Officially founded August 9th of an undocumented year, what is known is that Wu Jiang suggested to Ash Makuro that they start a political party to expand their influences. He agreed, and the Asterisk Generation Act Party, also known as the AGA Party or simply the AGA, was officially formed, it's higher-ups consisting of the young leaders of the Makuro Yakuza: Wu Jiang, Kaiser Makuro, Kakumei Makuro, Khlione Seigetsu, and Wolf Ashura. After foundation, the party began operation under unknown guises to hide their identities, but not their wishes. This helped keep the Makuro Yakuza unknown, to this day, however, both the AGA and the Dark Phenom terrorist group are considered major threats to worldwide peace that must be eradicated. However, their views often seem to reflect a wish to restore law and order, and establish a worldwide democratic monarchy.


The AGA Party is known for it's three public factions. It's fourth faction is still unknown to public eyes, but lies there nonetheless. Following the foundation of the AGA, these factions became known to the world, and reflects the three core beliefs of the regime party:

Dark PhenomEdit

The Dark Phenom Alliance, also simply known as Dark Phenom, is believed to be a supremacy terrorist regime founded by the AGA. However, this is simply not true. While it may be a terrorist regimist group, it has never expressed any racist, discrimenatory, or sexist remarks towards any person, place, thing, or idea. The Dark Phenom Alliance is led by Wolf Ashura and Wu Jiang, who hold the highest amount of power over this entire terrorist group, even more than the rest of the AGA.

Asterisk Generation Democratic RepublicEdit

The Asterisk Generation Democratic Republic is the political faction of the AGA Party, known to consist of people with Democratic and Republicanist belief systems. Led by Kaiser Makuro individually, the AGDR of the AGA Party is best known to be the protesters and public representatives of the AGA, often being the only ones who communicate with the media or the press ever.

Genestella Eradication Task ForceEdit

The Genestella Eradication Task Force, also referred to as the AGA Police, is known to be the recruitment agency for any interested parties, mainly Genestella, and the task force known to deal with any small-time dangers that poses a threat to the Dark Phenom Alliance or the Asterisk Generation Democratic Republic. Led by Khlione Seigetsu, Wu Jiang, and Kaiser Makuro, they are known to fundamentally follow the orders of these three the most, but Kaiser specifically. As they recruit more and more Genestella, they have been more and more known to be banned from areas with large amounts of Genestella, to avoid the mass recruition of them into one body. However, so far, those efforts has been ineffective.

The Makuro YakuzaEdit

The Makuro Yakuza, referred to within the party only as "the Yakuza", they have partnered their complete forces and effort to the AGA's cause, leading a major advantage to the front of the masses. Led by Ash Makuro, who is not a member of the AGA, unfortunately, the Makuro Yakuza is completely bent to the will of the AGA Party, as long as Ash tells them to do so. The Makuro Yakuza is the only faction within the AGA that is unknown to the public, as the Makuro Yakuza prides itself on secrecy and silence. It is this reason that the Makuro Yakuza serves as the AGA's secret weapon in attacks against the government and the people.

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