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The artificial island of Asterisk, built in the Kyoto Crater Lake. The three farthest schools from left to right are Queenvail Girls' Acadey, Seidoukan Academy, and Arlequint Academy. The three nearest schools from left to right are Rewolf Black Institute, Saint Galahadworth Academy, and Jie Long Seventh Institute.

Rikka: The Academy City on the Water (水上学園都市 六花, Suijō Gakuen Toshi: Rikka?), more commonly known as Asterisk (アスタリスク, Asutarisuku?), is the primary setting of the Gakusen Toshi Asterisk series as well as the primary setting for many fanfiction stories taking place in this universe.


Asterisk is a well-kept city on an artificial island, located on top of a crater lake in northern Kanto. The name 'Asterisk' comes from the bird's-eye view of the city, which resembles a hexagon. The city is very large, boasting both underground chambers and large buildings on top, as well as numerous ballast chambers to keep it afloat.

The main section of Asterisk is divided into the Central Ward (中央区, Chūō-ku?) and the Outer Residential Area (外縁居住区, Gaien Kyojū-ku?). The Central Ward is split into two halves with the Commerce Area (商業エリア, Shōgyō Eria?) on one side and the Administrative Area (行政エリア, Gyōsei Eria?) on the other.

There is a hotel known as Hotel Elnath (ホテル・エルナト, Hoteru Erunāto?) where the monthly Rikka Garden Conference is held on the top floor. It is located in the area in between the two areas. In addition, the Sirius Dome (シリウスドーム, Shiriusu Dōmu?), the largest arena within Asterisk, is located in the same area at the center of the island.

However, there are dangerous areas in the city as well, primarily including the Redevelopment Area (再開発エリア, Sai Kaihatsu Eria?) and the Entertainment District: Rotlicht (歓楽街, ? Kanrakugai) on the edge of the Redevelopment Area.

The police department of Asterisk is known as the Stjarnagarm. They only have jurisdiction over the central area of Asterisk as the schools are under their own jurisdiction. However, they may only enter schools grounds during extreme situations or if they have permission to do so.



  • Arlequint Academy
  • Jie Long Seventh Institute
  • Queenvail Girls' Academy
  • Rewolf Black Institute
  • Saint Galahadworth Academy
  • Seidoukan Academy

Central District[]

  • Hotel Elnath
  • Sirius Dome

Administrative Area[]

  • Stjarnagarm Headquarters

Other Locations[]

  • Redevelopment Area
  • Rotlicht

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