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Asseylum vi Britannia
Asseylum (Spring Uniform).png
Name Asseylum vi Britannia
Kanji アシテリウム・ヴィ・ブリタニア
Romanisation Ashiteriumu vui Buritania
Alias Flame Dragon Queen (炎龍王妃, Enryū Ōhi?)
Strega of the Soul Sound (霊音の魔女, Reion no Majō?)
Personal Status
Birthdate August 1st, 2052
Age 13
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 158 cm
Weight 41 kg
Blood Type A+
Hometown London
Country of Origin Holy Roman Empire
Country of Living Asterisk
Partner Kurtashkina Nadezhda Svyatoslavovna
Occupation Student Council President
Previous Occupation Page One
Affiliation Asterisk
Team Team Britannia
Family Nero el Britannia (Father)
Alexia li Britannia (Mother)
Kurtashkina Nadezhda Svyatoslavovna (Adopted Sister)
Annabeth li Britannia (Grandmother, deceased)
Student Profile
School of Attendance Queenvail Girls' Academy
Rank #1
Classification Student Council President
School Entrance Age 12
First Festa Entrance Age 13
Orga Lux Tenfūjin
Techniques Flame Dragon Queen
Resuscitating Phoenix Elegy
Siren Song

Asseylum vi Britannia (アシテリウム・ヴィ・ブリタニア, Ashiteriumu vui Buritania?) is the First Princess of the Holy Roman Empire.[1] She is a fourth-generation Genestella[1] as well as one of the few Genestella able to perform magic spells, known as Stregas. She is the current student council president of Queenvail Girls' Academy.[2]


Asseylum vi Britannia is the eldest daughter of Nero el Britannia and Alexia li Britannia. She is the Crown Princess of the Holy Roman Empire, an empire stretching across the remains of Europe following the Invertia Incident with London of the British Isles as their capital. She was raised with much respect considering that her father rules an empire that controls half of the world with the Integrated Enterprise Foundation governing the other half.

Asseylum was a powerful child. When she turned four, she found out that she had the ability to manipulate prana to create spells that induce fire. As such, she was categorized in an extreme minority of Genestella: the Strega. A witch of fire, specifically blue fire (although she could produce normal-colored flames), Asseylum was a star. This combined with the fact that she loved to sing and had a soul-rendering voice, prompted her parents to begin dressing her in the arts of being a global artist.

It took her several years, considering her age, but she managed to immediately hit it off. She began a world tour at just the age of ten, going first to Athens. After finishing said world tour, the Holy Roman Empire received an invitation from the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, the current power in the world with the most influence. That invitation stated that Asseylum li Britannia, the Crown Princess, must go to the island of Asterisk to be educated. The stated reason for this is that Asseylum is a Genestella and on top of that, one of the 1.8% of Genestella that can manipulate mana through her flesh and blood, a Strega. Asseylum went willingly, vowing that one day she will bite back against the Foundation. She was then sent to Japan as a very special transfer student.

Due to her background and standing, she was entered into the Queenvail Girls’ Academy. Here, she immediately began to make a name for herself. For example, on the first day, she accidentally angered Queenvail’s Rank #9. In retaliation, the Page One demanded a duel from Asseylum, thinking she could easily smash a first-year, especially a first year in junior high. However, Asseylum managed to prevail in her duel completely weaponless, defeating her magnificently. She went from unknown to Rank #18. The alias of Flame Dragon Queen spread quickly, like fires igniting entire swaths of forest.

When the first semester was over, the former student council president, Alexia Reindhardt, scouted out the princess. With her and her friends in the student council graduating, it would leave many blank spots in the ranks of the Page Ones. Asseylum, being a Rank #18 at that time, became the Rank #1 after she narrowly won a duel against Alexia. Now that she was sure that Queenvail would be in good hands, Alexia graduated, leaving the junior high division first-year student as the Rank #1 and the Student Council President of Queenvail Girls’ Academy.


Asseylum has three major character traits that make her stand out, as the Crown Princess as well as a normal girl. The first of these is her infinite patience and kindness. Raised as a Crown Princess, Asseylum was showered with all kinds of kindness and servitude from her parents and her subjects. Normally, this sort of praise would go to a girl’s head, making her extremely haughty and generally unlikeable. However, Asseylum refused to allow this to meddle with her mind. Instead of growing prideful, she grew the merit of patience. She is kind to children as well as her elders. However, she has a principle: kindness is given not taken. She will give respect to everyone, even if they are being disrespectful in return.

The second aspect of her personality is her absolute loathing for lies. She wants nothing but the truth. And nothing less. The only time Asseylum gets easily angered is if a person lies to her and she discovers the lie. She is very unforgiving of untrustworthy people. She could easily tip to her other, highly sadistic personality (although this personality comes out at times when she uses highly potent magic).

The third aspect of her personality is her other persona. Asseylum suffers from dissociative personality disorder, split-personality disorder. She has the tendency to randomly swap from her endlessly kind normal persona to that of a blood-sucking sadist that is mentally insane although retains enough sanity to formulate words as well as plans. This personality is much cruder and far less kind. In this state, Selena is out for blood. Although she doesn’t actually kill, she does like to spill blood. This side of her personifies the side of a ruthless king on the battlefield, leaving nothing behind but a trail of corpses.

Asseylum’s dissociative identity disorder is triggered mainly by two occurrences. The first one is dishonesty. The second is using magic. She has the chance of going berserk if she uses too much prana in her magic, although this doesn’t apply to when she uses her Siren Song spell. She also has a chance of tipping if anyone makes a rude comment about women and girls along with being ignored too much. As an idol, she gets a lot of attention. If suddenly deprived of it, she will begin to feel lonely and start to long for attention again which is a weakness her other personality could exploit.


Asseylum is an extremely beautiful flower. When she was first enrolled into Queenvale, she unwillingly expressed herself (the problem of having doting parents) as the powerful Holy Roman Empire’s Crown Princess. She had piercing gold eyes, the color of lightning, along with sky blue hair that reached just short of waist-length. In accordance with the customs of the local area, she presented herself wearing traditional Japanese garb. Her kimono matched the color of her hair, blue, with the sleeves as well as the front having a light blue tone while the end is pure white.

Asseylum’s Queenvail uniform consists of a pure white T-shirt with a sleeveless beige sweater. Her school badge is pinned on the sweater, above her left breast. She has a small string that acts as a tie on her shirt. She also wears a gray skirt that reaches down to where her onyx black thigh-high stockings stop on her legs. She wears white running shoes. Although she does have other uniforms, she prefers to use this uniform.

A rather unwanted side effect of wielding Tenfūjin, over the course of several months, Asseylum began to grow draconic traits. The first notable change to her body are horns that poke out from just above her ears. Although the change doesn't go as far to give her a tail, Asseylum's nails grow into talons that she has to regularly clip to prevent her from accidentally cutting people with the sharpness of her nails. Asseylum's teeth also grow sharper and longer.


Like any other Genestella, Asseylum has highly enhanced physical abilities. She could perform deeds that normal humans consider 'superhuman' with ease. On top of this, she is one of the few Genestella that can connect with Prana through flesh and blood: a Strega. As a Strega, she has absolute command over the element of fire. Her fire-based techniques are named after flowers.

Magic Spells[]

Offensive Spells[]

Asseylum sports a series of offensive spells in which she uses to attack the opponents in rather interesting ways.


Exploding Flame Flower of the Six PetalsAmaryllis (六弁の爆焔花アマリリス, Rokuben no BakuenkaAmaririsu?) is a simple spell and her most well-known offensive attack. Asseylum summons a ball of fire, two meters in diameter. She then throws it at her opponent. If they mean to dodge, she can use the command word, explode (爆ぜろ, hazero?), to literally detonate the ball directly in the opponent's face.

Antirrhinum Majus[]

Biting Flame Flower of the Drinking DragonAntirrhinum Majus (呑竜の咬焔花アンテリナム・マジエス, Donryū no KōenkaAnterinamu majiesu?) is a highly advanced spell that uses a hefty amount of Prana and is one of Asseylum's trump cards, making it rare for anyone to see it. With or without her Lux, Asseylum does the same thing: she draws a pentagram in the air and a magic circle is created. Heat emanates strongly from the circle before a dragon entirely composed of fire wrestles its way out of the circle. She could then use the dragon for offensive or defensive purposes. This spell demands high concentration to control although this was negated when she obtained her Orga Lux.

Livingstone Daisy[]

Scorching Decapitating Flower of Red CirclesLivingstone Daisy (赤円の灼斬花リビングストン・デイジー, Sekien no ShakuzankaRibingusuton Deijī?) is an area-of-effect spell. Asseylum summons fire around her person that rises into the air like a tornado. The fire proceeds to metamorphose into several discus-shaped circles of fire that spins at a high speed. Asseylum then fires the spark-emitting discuses at the opponent.


White Flame Flower of the Sharp SpearLongiflorum (鋭槍の白炎花ロンギフローラム, Eisō no HakuenkaRongifurōramu?) is an area-of-effect spell. Using one finger or her fan, Asseylum traces a line through the air. A series of magic circles appears and longiflorum-shaped whitish-blue spears form. Asseylum then fires them, fast enough to incinerate an average opponent. Asseylum could further thin the spears, allowing them to move even faster.


Rainbow Flame Flower of the CopycatOrchidaceae (模倣者の虹焔花ラン科, Mohōsha no KōenkaRan-ka?) is the simplest as well as the most versatile spell in Asseylum's arsenal. She first summons a ball of fire in her hands before envisioning an object. She then uses her delicate Prana control to construct an exact copy of the envisioned object out of pure fire. She normally does this for weapons. She could also wave her hand in the air and summon multiple magic circles through which she forges items through.


Dancing Flame Flowers of the Nine RingsPrimrose (九輪の舞焔花プリムローズ, Kyūrin no BuenkaPurimurōzu?) is a basic spell. After waving her hand through the air, Asseylum summons nine balls of fire which look like primroses. She then fires them at the opponent where they could attack from any angle.

Defensive Spells[]


Soul Flame Shield of Great CrimsonAnthurium (大紅の心焔盾アンスリウム, Daikū no ShinenjunAnsurium?) is a simple spell that allows Asseylum to summon a shield of fire. The intensity and imperviousness of the shield depends on how much Prana Asseylum pours into the spell.


Flame Phoenix Flower of Heavy WavesRanunculus (重波の焔鳳花ラナンキュラス, Jūha no EnpōkaRanankyurasu?) is a spell that, when activated, sends out waves of fire at regular intervals. This can be used to snuff out opponents that attempt to lay invisible or burn away obstacles, such as the talismans used in Jie Long's Seisenjutsu.

Red Crown[]

Red Umbrella Flower of IsolationRed Crown (隔絶の赤傘花レッドクラウン, Kakuzetsu no SekisenkaReddo Kuraun?) is a spell that allows Asseylum to form a parasol-shaped barrier in which she can use to incinerate objects entirely or brush them aside.

Supplementary Spells[]

Dionaea Muscipula[]

Crimson Mouth of the Shutting Flame Flower EaterDionaea Muscipula is a spell that when activated, makes the analogy of a Venus flytrap...


Flame Claw Flower of the Splendorous TearGloriosa (栄裂の炎爪花グロリオサ, Eiretsu no EnsōkaGuroriosa?) is a setting-based trap. By imagining a section of the ground, Asseylum inscribes a magic circle into the ground that remains invisible until the opponent steps in it. The trap activates and five pillars of fire appear before roaring back down on the opponent, giving the impression of being caught in a monstrous claw.


Cutting Flame Flower of the Red WallLoropetalum (赤壁の断焔華ロロペタルム, Sekiheki no DanenkaRoropetarumu?) is a spell that allows Asseylum to summon a wall of fire. It is most effectively used in an arena where Asseylum can split the playing field in two, at the cost of being slowly but constantly weakened from Prana usage to maintain the wall of fire.


Exploding Shining Flower of the Great RingRafflesia (大輪の爆耀華ラフレシア, Dairin no BakuyōkaRafureshia?) is the most advanced of Asseylum's setting-based traps. It is a more powerful version of Gloriosa. Gloriosa's range is a five-meter-diameter circle which could be run out of. However, Rafflesia's range is five times larger, rendering escape by running impossible.


Falling Crimson Flower of the Melting SkySemiseratta (熔空の落紅花セミセラータ, Yōkū no RakkūkaSemiserāta?) is a setting-based trap. It takes almost no time to set up and Asseylum could just point at a section of ground and create a magic circle out of nowhere. A ball of fire proceeds to fall from the sky and implodes upon getting within close proximity of the opponent.


Illuminating Wings of the Paradise BirdSterlitzia (極楽鳥の燈翼ストレリチア, Gokurakuchō no TōyokuSutorerichia?) is a spell that allows Asseylum to take flight. After calling out the name of the spell, wings composed of fire take shape over her back. She could also have the wings appear on the person she has physical contact with, however, she will need to do the steering.

Flame Dragon Queen[]

The Flame Dragon Queen is Asseylum's signature technique although ironically, she rarely uses it if she isn't serious. It is a technique that allows Asseylum to manipulate blue fire, compared to the normal orange flames she could produce. The difference between these flames and her normal fire is their inability to be extinguished by normal means. Only she herself can extinguish her own fire and because of this, she is immune to the flames. If she wasn’t immune, she wouldn’t be able to weaponize it, let alone use the second stage of the technique.

She could also use this fire as a cloak, an avatar that takes the shape of a dragon with herself functioning as its heart, although she could just simply wreathe her entire body with the fire instead of expending excess energy to maintain a large form. In this form, she is basically invincible. Her Prana cloak sports a temperature of 7,000 Kelvin, about 6,727 Celsius and 12,140 Fahrenheit.

The reason why it is invincible is that of this abnormally high temperature. The most heat-resistant metal, tungsten, would vaporize instantly upon contact, let alone other weapons. Luxes can maintain contact with the fire, however, they will not be able to resist having their cores melted. On the other hand, Orga Luxes will be able to cut directly through the barrier, especially ones like Ser-Veresta and Arc Tespia. This weakness was nullified when Asseylum obtained her Orga Lux.

The main drawback of this exceptionally powerful spell is the drain that it places on Asseylum. She would only resort to the Flame Dragon Queen if she cannot put down an opponent with her normal abilities. She could only effectively utilize the Flame Dragon Queen at full power for five minutes at a time. If she cannot defeat her opponent in time, she is left heavily drained in which she needs to rest for twenty-four hours in order to regain full strength. After obtaining her Orga Lux, her limit was increased to fifteen minutes although she still shares the same backlash.

Resuscitating Phoenix Elegy[]

A spell of healing, Resuscitating Phoenix Elegy calls on fire the color of mercury. These flames have extensive healing properties. Asseylum could use these to perform emergency procedures. The plus side of this fire is that it can serve as both an anesthetic and an incredibly high boost to a Genestella’s already high healing abilities. This technique consumes both Asseylum’s prana and the Genestella’s prana to work properly. When used on normal humans who have no prana whatsoever, the toll that is consumed is, instead, a lowering of the Hayflick Limit, the natural limit placed on the body’s cellular division (which is 50 times).

Siren Song[]

This is the most versatile of Asseylum’s magic spells. It is the manipulation of sound waves, using her voice as a medium. As an idol, this magic was, at first, uncontrollable. However, it was harmless. This magic is the most versatile because it has a broad array of effects. It could induce powerful and convincing hallucinations. It could also be used as a means of suggesting actions. Depending on the adversary’s understanding of Strega abilities, the commands given by Asseylum could have an absolute grip on them or can be resisted. The more prana Asseylum pours into her voice, the more powerful her suggestions will become. The same instance occurs when she is using her voice in a hallucination-inducing tune: the more prana used, the faster the illusion takes hold and the harder it is to break out.


Upon starting school, Asseylum was a student who purposely did not choose a Lux. Her fighting style was geared for being entirely weaponless after all. However, after defeating Alexia Reinhardt in their duel, Asseylum was taken down to the Orga Lux vaults, considering that she is now the student council president. Here, she went to test for compatibility for an Orga Lux. Choosing the fan Orga Lux, Tenfūjin, she shocked the entire school when it was announced that her compatibility rate with the Lux was 97%.

Orga Lux[]

Asseylum rented out Tenfūjin and she proved to be extremely proficient in using it. Because of her nice personality, Asseylum set up training sessions with her students (both juniors and seniors). However, her sheer talent allowed her to defeat five students at once, even if they were attacking her at the same time. In general, her power just about quintupled, through her Orga Lux. She was also able to perform high-level spells much faster than before, with a spell usually taking a minute to prepare and another minute to cast, taking only five seconds each.


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