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Asano Sirius Takuboku (アサノ・シリウス・タクボク, Asano Shiriusu Takuboku) is a student at Seidoukan Academy. Asano is a seventh generation Genestella along with his sister.  

Background Edit

Asano Takuboku is the son of Luca Calabrese and Hayami Takuboku. He was born in Milan, Italy, and lived in the Calabrese Manor during his childhood. His father owned a large company which developed common household technology. Three years after Asano was born, his mother gave birth to Yoshino Takuboku, his sister. His mother was a Strega and practiced a sword style passed down in her family. Asano lived a very normal childhood and bonded quite closely with his sister. When Yoshino's Strega abilities developed, Asano was 7. They spent a lot of time together, training so that Yoshino's abilities would become stronger. A year passed, and their mother told them that she would teach them her family's ancient sword style. Although it was less known, it was very useful in a fight. That week, however, their mother died, having been stabbed to death by his father in so-called "self-defense." It was revealed that Asano and Yoshino's father absolutely despised the Genestella. Secretly, he had only wanted to marry her because of her power, and when she told him that she was going to pass down her techniques to her children, he snapped and killed her by surprise. Asano was at school at the time, so when the news came that his mother died, he was left alone and terrified. He ran home to a destroyed house, a dead mother, an unconscious father, and a sister who was in a trance that was destroying the house. He ran to her, trying to calm her down. Nothing was working, and the house was falling apart, so he did the only thing he could think of, and embraced her, trying to comfort her. She fell out of her trance, but it was too late, and their mother was dead. Afterward, officials came to investigate the house, and their father regained consciousness, telling them that he killed her in self-defense. The siblings were shut in their rooms while everything was being sorted out by the officials. For the next year, the tension in the house was quite high, so Asano and Yoshino made secret paths out of the house, where they would train together using their memories of times they had seen their mother use her sword. The two of them possess eidetic memory, so they would train in secret when their father was asleep or away from home. They improved on it, and although they believed the Takuboku style to be lost, they took what they knew and made a style of their own. They trained for about another year before a second tragedy struck the two siblings. Their father, who had been using Calabrese Incorporated as a shell company to hide R&D tests and illegal Genestella experiments, had finished an Orga Lux under the codename "Project Hourglass." He led Asano into the study, locked him in a chair, and forced him to activate the sword, known as the "Shattered Rose." It backfired, however, and Asano fell into a trance, falling under the control of the Shattered Rose itself. He blasted his father away from him, destroying the study as well. He still had consciousness, but was unable to control his own actions, and went to his sister's room, releasing a shockwave from the Shattered Rose which knocked her into a comatose state. Five years passed, and Asano's father enrolled him into Seidoukan Academy. Originally, Asano bought a Shield Lux, which his father was furious about. However, just a short while after he enrolled, Yoshino woke up.

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