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Alexia Reinhardt
Kanji アレクシア・ラインハルト
Romanisation Arekushia rainharuto
Alias Unfeeling Ice Empress
Personal Status
Birthdate November 5th, 2044
Age 21
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 170 cm
Weight 60 kg
Blood Type B-
Hometown Storel
Country of Origin Lieseltania
Country of Living Asterisk (Normally)
Occupation Professional Idol
Previous Occupation Student Council President of Queenvail Girls' Academy
Affiliation Asterisk
Team Team Reinhart
Family Benjamin Reinhardt (Father)
Elizabeth Adams (Mother)
Miriam Reinhardt (Sister)
Thomas Reinhardt (Brother)
Annabeth Reinhardt (Sister)
Student Profile
School of Attendance Queenvail Girls' Academy (Formerly)
Rank #1 (Formerly)
Classification Student Council President (Formerly)
School Entrance Age 15
First Festa Entrance Age 15
Fighting Style Royal Sword Techniques
Orga Lux Amenonuhoko
Techniques Flame Dragon Queen
Resuscitating Phoenix Elegy
Siren Song

Alexia Reinhardt (アレクシア・ラインハルト, Arekushia Rainharuto?) is the First Princess of Lieseltania. She is a third-generation Genestella as well as one of the few Genestella able to perform magic, known as Stregas. She is the former student council president as well as an alumnus of Queenvail Girls' Academy. She works as a professional idol, with the alias of Shalltear.


Alexia Reinhardt is the eldest daughter of Benjamin Reinhardt and Elizabeth Adams. Her family is the highest-ranking noble family in the Holy Roman Empire, excluding the ruling family themselves. She is the oldest of four children, all gifted like her, being Genestella. Alexia led a rather quiet early life. Her magical abilities as a Strega awakened when she was five years of age. She had the ability to manipulate snow and ice.

Alexia was schooled in her local school in Storel. Of course, because of her rank and standing, she was treated as a goddess in the classroom. Being relatively stoic and emotionless, Alexia ignored this treatment. By the time she finished middle school, she was known as the Unfeeling Ice Queen, both literally and figuratively. It was a literal nickname because of her cryokinetic abilities and a figurative nickname because her heart was as cold and as unfeeling as ice.

Four months after turning fifteen years old, she was sent to Asterisk. She was originally supposed to be a student at Rewolf Black Institution but from her own volition, asked to be put in Queenvail instead. Surprised by this proposition, her parents allowed her to go to the school of her choosing. Despite her introvert personality, Alexia had a beautiful voice and a knack for singing. She eventually started her own idol group.





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