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Absolute ✿ Ryouiki is the most well-known idol group in the world at the turn of the twenty-first century and is entirely composed of students who hail from the prestigious Queenvail Girls' Academy.


Absolute ✿ Ryouiki had its start in its founder and leader, Yonaka Kisaki, otherwise known as the best student ever to grace the halls of Queenvail Girls' Academy, Annabeth li Britannia. She, along with her childhood friend as well as a fellow idol, Petra, real name, Julis Reinhardt, made up the idol duo, Ephemeral ♦ Possessions. They were an immediate sensation and were quite famous by the time they enrolled into Queenvail, which was one year after their debut.

During the student council president meeting held on Monday, April 1st, 2002, to discuss the beginning of the school term, Sakura Akira, Jie Long's student council president, suggested a tournament structure to which Annabeth readily and heavily expanded on. With the vote being unanimous, the proposal of the 'Festa' was sent to the Integrated Enterprise Foundation and it was revealed to be accepted at May's meeting.

Since she wanted to be ready for the tournaments, Annabeth began looking through her school for promising students. Her first target was a sensation in of herself, a second-year student in the high school division, Anya Vertega, her stage name being Vertia. Her second target was in her last year at the school, Yoshiko Yachigusa, also known as, Ria. Her final target was a girl in the same year as her, a woman of the prestigious Amagiri Family, Hinata Amagiri (although it would be later revealed that she really belonged to the Tsuchimikado Family), her stage name being Tenpa.

When finally finished gathering these members, Annabeth took them down to the vaults and had them all test for compatibility with the infamous Lyre-Poros Orga Lux. They all had high compatibility rates ranging from the highest, Annabeth's 96%, to the lowest, Julis' 84%. With this, Absolute ✿ Ryouiki is complete. The name was suggested by Anya who thought that they were the idol world's goal and the 'absolute' 'domain'.

List of Members[]

  • Petra (Secondary Guitarist)
  • Ria (Keyboard)
  • Tenpa (Drummer)
  • Vertia (Bassist)
  • Yonaka Kisaki (Leader and Lead Guitarist)

List of Concerts[]